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What do Trump’s tariffs mean for Canada? - Macleans
Steel industry expert Peter Warrian explains how badly this will hurt steelmakers, what the knock-on effects will be and why dark times loom
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Disarray Plagues U.S. Companies’ Efforts to Win Tariff Exemptions - The New York Times
In the two months since the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs went into effect, the Commerce Department has been deluged with more than 8,200 exemption requests from companies that import foreign metals
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The New Aluminum and Steel Tariffs: Implementation, Consequences, and Next Steps - Area Development
Businesses that use steel and/or aluminum need to understand how the recently enacted tariffs will affect their supply chain as well as their bottom line.
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What's the impact of aluminum and steel tarrifs? JLL
How will the recently announced tariffs on raw steel and aluminum impact U.S. industrial real estate and trade? JLL's global trade expert and Chief Strategist of Ports, Airports and Global Infrastructure, Dr. Walter Kemmsies, takes on the tough questions surrounding today's global economy.​
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Steel Is Back in Style With Car Makers - WSJ
Steel has always been cheaper and stronger than aluminum. But conventional steel is heavy. Many car makers seeking to comply with tougher fuel economy requirements have shifted in recent years to aluminum and other light materials like carbon fiber.
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Kentucky’s Aluminum Industry Sees Explosive Growth - Area Development
New demand from the automotive industry has propelled the surge in Kentucky’s aluminum industry, with total aluminum-related corporate investment reaching $2.6 billion across 90 announcements since 2014.
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American Companies Still Make Aluminum. In Iceland. - The New York Times
More than 30 of the giant factories once dotted the American landscape, sucking down huge amounts of electricity to produce the metal for car parts, beer cans and aluminum foil. Now there are just five smelters — all facing an uncertain future.
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Wink Equipment Inc. Plans Aluminum Trailer Manufacturing Plant in Dawson Springs, Kentucky - Area Development
Wink Equipment Inc. will locate an aluminum trailer manufacturing operation in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. The facility represents a $1.55 million investment and is expected to create 50 full-time jobs.
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South African-Based Hansens Aluminum To Locate Plant In Henderson, Kentucky - Area Development
Hansens Aluminum, a South African-based automotive parts maker, will invest $18.4 million to locate an aluminum extrusion manufacturing plant at the Henderson County Riverport in Henderson, Kentucky. The company plans to hire 90 associates.
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International Mold Corporation Builds Manufacturing Center In Spartanburg, South Carolina - Area Development
International Mold Corporation, an aluminum design and build company, is establishing a new manufacturing operation in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The project is expected to bring $6.2 million in new investment and create 60 new jobs.
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Gibbs Die Casting Expands Henderson, Kentucky, Manufacturing Complex - Area Development
Gibbs Die Casting, a supplier of innovative, high-quality aluminum die cast components and assemblies will expand its North American Manufacturing Complex in Henderson, Kentucky. The company will invest a projected $10 million and create 46 full-time jobs.
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Japan-Based Kobelco-Kobe Steel Plans Manufacturing Complex In Bowling Green, Kentucky - Area Development
Japan-based Kobelco Aluminum Products & Extrusions Inc. started construction its production facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. A subsidiary of Kobe Steel, KPEX will manufacture and sell aluminum bumper beam material and car frame material for the automotive industry in the United States.
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Novelis Expands Finishing Line At Oswego, New York, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Novelis, a leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, commissioned its third state-of-the-art automotive finishing line in Oswego, New York.
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Japan-Based Kobe Steel To Locate Aluminum Extrusion-Fabrication Plant In Bowling Green, Kentucky - Area Development
Kobe Steel Ltd., one of Japan’s leading metal producers, will locate an aluminum extrusion and fabrication facility next to a sister aluminum-forging plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The $46.7 million investment will create 105 jobs.
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Constellium Plans Manufacturing Center In Bartow County, Georgia - Area Development
Constellium, a global leader and manufacturer of aluminum products and solutions for a broad scope of markets, will establish a production facility at Highland 75 Corporate/Industrial Park in Bartow County, Georgia. This project is expected to result in creation of 150 jobs and an overall investment of $32 million in the local community.
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GKN Sinter Metals To Locate $19.8 Million Aluminum Production Plant In Conover, North Carolina - Area Development
GKN Sinter Metals will invest $19.8 million to expand its state-of-the art aluminum manufacturing plant in Conover, North Carolina. The company plans to create 55 new manufacturing jobs during the next five years in Catawba County.
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Constellium N.V. Expands Manufacturing Plant In Van Buren, Michigan - Area Development
A firm that develops innovative, aluminum products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, automotive and packaging, Constellium N.V. unveiled its newly expanded plant in Van Buren, Michigan. The 210,000 square foot expansion project doubled plant manufacturing capacity for a total $40 million investment.
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Hirschvogel Automotive Group Plans Production Plant Expansion In Columbus, Ohio - Area Development
Hirschvogel Automotive Group will invest more than $50 million to expand its existing manufacturing facility and purchase new machinery and equipment in Columbus, Ohio. The Germany-based company, which is one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers in the area of steel and aluminum forging and machining, also will add 37 new jobs to its roster over the next three years.
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The Growing Role Aluminum & Titanium Is Playing in the Manufacturing Resurgence - Gray Construction
Two years of steady growth in the U.S. manufacturing industry has many convinced the resurgence of this important market segment is here to stay. Leading the way are the world’s automakers and aerospace manufacturers who have seen healthy gains over this time period.
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AFCO Industries Plans Aluminum Manufacturing Plant In Olmsted, Illinois - Area Development
AFCO Industries Inc. is opening an aluminum manufacturing facility in Olmsted, Illinois, along State Highway 37. The company will invest at least $1.9 million to establish a plant where it can double its production capabilities, including its aluminum extruding and painting operations.
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