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Throwbacks to , , (I wanted to namecheck Clemencia Rodriguez and OURmedia but ran out of…
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march 2019 by sdp
Is 'guerrilla war' being waged on news broadcasters? - BBC News
How should the BBC and other broadcasters respond to the changing media landscape including "guerrilla" attacks on social media? In an inaugural lecture to mark the contribution of the late Steve Hewlett to journalism, his friend and colleague Nick Robinson discusses the issue. Steve Hewlett, a BBC Radio 4 presenter and former Panorama editor, died this year from cancer. This is an edited version of that lecture.
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september 2017 by dk33per
This looks excellent. My PhD was about at major events, I'm going to get stuck into what comes ou…
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march 2017 by jennifermjones
Tell your own story: an adventure in media independence : September 2014 : Contributoria - the independent journalism network
It is easy to capture moments, but harder to tell a story. Yet, I thin, we're increasingly telling ourselves that we are all storytellers. There's a danger here that we hide behind our tools and forget to tell stories. There's a danger that we are so enamoured by the potential of our personal media devices that we don't ask for help. We don't expect there to be places where we can go for help. We just upload, and we hope.
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october 2014 by paulbradshaw
Paradise Circus: A Birmingham Miscellany
RT @paradisecircus: Trouble these days is Christmas is barely over & they start with Easter. I mean we even have a Christmas Easter Egg
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march 2013 by jonhickman

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