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TEAM AWAY: Clean slate, "No Place Like Home": mcshep_match
An Ancient device gives John unexpected (and unwelcome) insight into the relationships of Johns and Rodneys across the multiverse.
sga  mckay/sheppard  ancient_tech  alternate_reality  alternate_universe  humor  angst  anthropologist!rodney  author:argosy 
march 2018 by mischief5
The Spaces Between - Taste_is_Sweet - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
The first time John had laughed in God, what? A month? Had been when the scientist from the alternate universe insulted someone John couldn't see.
sga  mckay/sheppard  canon_au  alternate_universe  angst  siberia  ancient_tech  atlantis:lost  h/c  author:taste_is_sweet 
january 2018 by mischief5
Jotuns are traditionally given a weapon when they come of age.

Loki's is a little different than most.
asgard_lost  loki/thor  40-50k  intersex!loki  jotunheim_won  marvel  jotun!loki  thor  alternate_meeting  alternate_universe  r  captivity  cultural_differences 
august 2016 by kalasin
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN~~!!!✨✨✨ and bless u for this wonderful AU…!!
cute  art  alternate_universe  avengers  steve_rodgers  captain_america  bucky_barns  winter_soldier  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by neito
Prom!! Steve/Bucky Magical Girl AU by crying I love her AU too much....
cute  art  alternate_universe  avengers  steve_rodgers  captain_america  bucky_barns  winter_soldier  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by neito
haha what if captain america was a cheesy, melodramatic magical girl series- oh woops my pen slipped
cute  art  alternate_universe  avengers  steve_rodgers  captain_america  bucky_barns  winter_soldier  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by neito
NCIS Fan Fiction: Back To The Beginning
What if his whole life working with Gibbs had been nothing but a dream? What happens when Tony, after finally having had enough of the team and NCIS, wakes up in hospital bed. He finds out he has been in coma for a while and everything was just a dream he had. What about when he bumps into one grumpy old NCIS marine? Is this a second chance or will he run away this time?
AO3  author:LeonoraChris  gibbs  ncis  TonyDinozzo  tv_show:ncis  fanfiction:ncis  alternate_universe  hurt/comfort  wip  angst 
december 2014 by svala
Let Me Occupy Your Mind (As You Do Mine) - by lady_ragnell - fandom Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. Athelstan decides to try out bdsm. He meets Lagertha and Ragnar at a club. Pegging ensues. From the author's tags: Kink Negotiation, Blindfolds, Oral Sex, Crying, Biting, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Aftercare, Dirty Talk, Other Incidental Kink

When he makes it to the double doors at the end of the room, though, it’s much louder, and he pushes them open to find a reception desk and several doors branching off from it. He can hear some of the music over the bass, in here, but mostly he’s frozen by the sight of Siggy sitting at the reception desk, looking businesslike but wearing eyeliner and more leather than he would have expected. And also less leather than he would have expected.
vikings  fanfic  het  slash  nsfw  bdsm  alternate_universe  ragnar.athelstan.lagertha  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014 by lorem_ipsum
Asunder - by rageprufrock - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It's going to be a shitty wedding with shitty people and a shitty atmosphere and Dean feels shitty about going.

[The one where Sam and Dean have been estranged for years and now Castiel is going with Dean to attend Sam and Ruby's wedding. Dean and Castiel are not in an established relationship, but this is really mostly about Dean and Sam dealing with the aftermath of addiction. Human AU. -L]
spn  fanfic  slash  nsfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic  alternate_universe 
december 2014 by lorem_ipsum
Like a Parched Land - by Las - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Note:
Written for the following prompt: "Reverse!verse: Castiel is the Righteous Man and Dean is the angel who drags his ass out of Hell." This is an AU version of episodes 5x01 through 5x03.

A routine develops, as routines must, even at the end of the world.

Dean would appear out of nowhere with food he picked up from wherever he just came from - churros from Madrid, fried bananas from Jakarta - and he'd shove them under Castiel's nose and say, "Want some?" Castiel would decline more often than he'd accept, and then they'd get to work, Dean talking with his mouth full all the while.

One day, Castiel's cellphone beeps with a picture message from Dean, mostly of his nostrils, with the message "holy duck it does pictures". And then Castiel starts receiving the occasional picture message of snow-capped peaks and endless deserts and a food cart in some bustling downtown.

"nothin yet," Dean would text, "but these rice cakes r gr8."

Maybe it's the nature of angels to be so moved by humanity. Maybe it's just Dean. It's not that Dean never showed an interest in humanity before, but shaken loose from the bonds of heaven, he seems determined to embrace the trappings of this world. A sort of reverse monasticism, perhaps. Dean is not of this world, but he is in this world and he throws himself into it with more enthusiasm than Castiel has shown in his entire life.
spn  fanfic  slash  dean_winchester.castiel  nsfw  alternate_universe  reverseverse  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014 by lorem_ipsum
Defying Expectations - tangowhiskey - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is broke (like, broke broke). He’s got mounting bills, rent to pay, university fees and on top of all that, he’s pregnant. Far from having a supportive and loving boyfriend, his baby’s father hightails it out of town, leaving Stiles alone.

Alone and need of money, Stiles is introduced to the adult entertainment industry, where he meets - and works with - one Derek Hale, alpha werewolf and model and porn actor.

Stiles feels this inexplicable pull towards Derek, and fantasises about having him as his baby’s daddy. The only problem is that werewolves are territorial and Stiles knows that Derek won’t accept him because he’s carrying another man’s child.

Stiles finds, though, that Derek isn’t a traditional alpha. Maybe - just maybe - Derek might defy Stiles’ expectations.
teen_wolf  teen_wolf_fic  teen_wolf_slash  au  alternate_universe  sterek  derek/stiles  mpreg  pregnant!Stiles  abandonment  porn_shoot  photos  stiles/parrish  werewolves_are_known  via:shiny_starlight 
february 2014 by helios_archives

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