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Some Things About `alt` Text
I'm sure you know about alt text. It's the attribute on the image tag that has the important task of describing what that image is for someone who can't see it for any reason. Please use them.

I don't want to dimish the please use them message, but some interesting alt-text-related things have come up in my day-to-day lately that are related.
cssbasics  html  alt  accessibility 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Marco Zehe on Twitter: "If you attach an image to a tweet in @Twitterrific for Mac, click on it again to add a description for your visually impaired followers."
"If you attach an image to a tweet in @Twitterrific for Mac, click on it again to add a description for your visually impaired followers."
twitterrific  twitter  accessibility  a11y  alt  images  2017 
29 days ago by handcoding
Alt til hende
Er man kvinde, og leder efter inspiration inden for forskellige områder, kan det være en god ide at besøge, hvor man kan finde råd og tips til f.eks. indretning og hverdagen.
kvinde  hende  alt  til 
5 weeks ago by Linkmadsen Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets: Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Richard Hawley: Amazon Digital Services LLC
i liked this doc. not very descriptive of the band's history, but who needs that? i love pulp's music and this movie had enough. though admittedly i paused it a few times to watch other live performances and music videos of theirs on youtube, so maybe it didn't have enough music. it showed the right amount of jarvis cocker's quirkiness and a lot the sights and sounds and people of sheffield which i found charming.

i got into pulp when i saw the music video for "like a friend" on mtv's 120 minutes in the spring of freshman yr in 1998 in my dorm room, so i was 19. bought "this is hardcore" cd and loved it. got into 1995's "disco 2000" and "common people" and therefore most of "a different class" a few years later. don't regret not knowing about pulp in 1995 b/c 1995 16 y/o me was probably not ready for pulp.

the next decade and a half or so, for me pulp was just listening to "common ppl" probably a dozen or so times a year and "like a friend" probably half a dozen or times a year.

then about a yr ago, i listened to "this is hardcore" in its entirety when driving for business at night btwn orlando and tampa. fell in love with it all over again 19 yrs later. was impressed with my younger self for being able to appreciate lyrics more targeted to a mid to late 30s person than a teenager.
music  pulp  alt  rock  pop  britpop  england  sheffield  uk  documetaries  movies 
7 weeks ago by actualitems
Ashley Bischoff on Twitter: "There’re some browser extensions that can help with that. For Chrome: (After it’s installed, right click on an image and choose View Image Info.) Or if you use Firefox, there’s no extension needed
(If someone asks about how you can check whether an image has alt text, you might be able to make use of this—)

"There’re some browser extensions that can help with that.

"For Chrome: ªª …ºº (After it’s installed, right click on an image and choose View Image Info.)

"Or if you use Firefox, there’s no extension needed. Just right click on an image → View Image Info."
twitter  alt  alttext  images  accessibility  a11y  2018 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
Facebook invites submissions for “Secure the Internet Grants”
As part of its pledge to offer $1 million in defense research, Facebook is accepting proposals to "Secure the Internet," Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos announced in a blog post yesterday. Proposals can get up to $100k each and are open to academia, NGOs, and non-profits, with the goal "to spur development of technology that may be applied in practice, rather than pure research." Focus areas include "anti-phishing," "abuse detection and reporting," and "security for users in emerging markets," among others. Proposals are due by March 30, 2018, with the winners announced at Black Hat USA 2018.

Learn more about the program at link above or access more details and the application here.
otf  facebook  funders  alt  research  security 
8 weeks ago by dmcdev
How to write descriptive text
hey twitter - there's a lot of good awareness now about the fact that all users can add image descriptions to twitter for people who use screen readers. Here's some tips on how to do this well:
twitter  images  accessibility  alt  descriptions  captions 
8 weeks ago by spaceninja
Accessibility Research: Developing automatic-alt text for Facebook screen reader users – Facebook Research
The release of the Automatic Alt-Text service allows people who are blind (or might otherwise use screen readers) to better understand what exists in photos in their News Feeds. User research helped develop the tool through interviews, usability testing, and surveys. In this note, we’ll briefly touch on some of the highlights of this work.
media  images  alt  text  accessibility  machinelearning 
9 weeks ago by peterb
Accessible SVGs | CSS-Tricks
Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is emerging as the preferred graphic format to use on the web today.
accessibility  alt  development  svg 
9 weeks ago by mayrav
Robot Hugs on Twitter: "hey twitter - there's a lot of good awareness now about the fact that all users can add image descriptions to twitter for people who use scr…"
"hey twitter - there's a lot of good awareness now about the fact that all users can add image descriptions to twitter for people who use screen readers. Here's some tips on how to do this well:

(This is my job)"
twitter  accessibility  a11y  alt  alttext  2017  images  canonical  threads  RobotHugsComic 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Tips to help academics respond to right-wing attacks (essay)
In recent weeks, we have witnessed intense and diverse efforts by far-right activists and journalists to harass, bully, threaten and discredit activist and critical intellectuals.
Pocket  alt  right  higher  ed 
december 2017 by j-l-r

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