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Mozilla Announces $225,000 for Art and Advocacy Exploring Artificial Intelligence
Mozilla today began accepting applications for creative media projects that highlight artificial intelligence and its effects on society. $225k USD for will made available, with two $50k grants and five $25k grants planned. The deadline for applying is August 1, 2018.

In a blog post, Mozilla explained that they're looking for "projects that explore artificial intelligence and machine learning. In a world where biased algorithms, skewed data sets, and broken recommendation engines can radicalize YouTube users, promote racism, and spread fake news, it’s more important than ever to support artwork and advocacy work that educates and engages internet users...We’re seeking projects that are accessible to broad audiences and native to the internet, from videos and games to browser extensions and data visualizations. We will consider projects that are at either the conceptual or prototype phases. All projects must be freely available online and suitable for a non-expert audience. Projects must also respect users’ privacy."

Read more at the blog post linked to above or in this application guide (pdf)
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13 days ago by dmcdev
How to make Alt key work in xterm? - SysTutorials
XTerm*eightBitInput: false
XTerm*eightBitOutput: true

And to map AltGr to Alt:

Initial /etc/udev/hwdb.d/70-keyboard.hwdb :


Update /etc/udev/hwdb.d/7*-keyboard.hwdb , add :


then restart X11
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22 days ago by theskett
Association for Learning Technology
The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) represents individual and organisational Members from all sectors and parts of the UK.
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6 weeks ago by sevans59
Some Things About `alt` Text
I'm sure you know about alt text. It's the attribute on the image tag that has the important task of describing what that image is for someone who can't see it for any reason. Please use them.

I don't want to dimish the please use them message, but some interesting alt-text-related things have come up in my day-to-day lately that are related.
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march 2018 by spaceninja

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