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Education Technology and the Future of Academic Freedom
It was one of the most frequently repeated stories of the year – a story that has, if we’re being honest, been repeated for decades now: college students, particularly left-leaning college students, are intolerant.
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4 days ago by j-l-r
Divi Alt Text : Récupération automatique des "alt text" en bibliothèque
/* Mise à jour du alt text pour les modules concernés */
function update_module_alt_text( $attrs, $unprocessed_attrs, $slug ) {
if ( ( $slug === 'et_pb_image' || $slug === 'et_pb_fullwidth_image' ) && '' === $attrs['alt'] )
$attrs['alt'] = get_image_alt_text($attrs['src']);
elseif ( $slug === 'et_pb_blurb' && 'off' === $attrs['use_icon'] && '' === $attrs['alt'] )
$attrs['alt'] = get_image_alt_text($attrs['image']);
elseif ( $slug === 'et_pb_slide' && '' !== $attrs['imag...
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13 days ago by seb_collet
Simple recommendations for writing text descriptions that make a big difference | Invotra
about writing alt text for best accessibility and best experience for disabled users
webdesign  web  design  accessibility  accessible  alt  text  image 
22 days ago by piperh
Simple recommendations for writing text descriptions that make a big difference
The trick to providing the right text description is knowing the purpose of the image. Ask yourself why the image is present on the page: does it provide useful information, perform a function, provide a label for an interactive element, add to the aesthetics of the page, or is it purely decorative?
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24 days ago by spaceninja
Opinion | The Alt-Right’s Favorite Meme Is 100 Years Old - The New York Times
‘Cultural Marxism’ might sound postmodern but it’s got a long, toxic history.
alt  right  cultural  marxism 
27 days ago by waynewilliamberninger
How Higher Education Helped Derek Black Renounce White Supremacy
Until age 22, Derek Black was the chosen heir to the white nationalist movement. The son of Don Black, founder of the massive hate site,, and godson to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Black grew up in a world of racists—and he embraced it.
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7 weeks ago by j-l-r
The New Thought Police | The Nation
This essay is adapted from a talk delivered in March at the American Association of University Professors’ centennial conference, held at California State University, East Bay.
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8 weeks ago by j-l-r
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