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The Dystopic Leftist Youth of Reddit and Facebook – Dark(ish) Web – Medium
If the alt-right can build political presence on the back of meme culture, can the hard left do it, too?
memes  medium  politics  alt-right 
11 days ago by lendamico
The Notorious Book that Ties the Right to the Far Right
A review of Jean Raspail’s novel *The Camp of Saints*, which is widely recognized as a racist attack on immigrants.
alt-right  immigration  reviews  race  fascism 
12 days ago by micahrobbins
Liberals still ignore the grievances of the ‘left behind’
A successful political strategy would combine the fight against white racism with a contemptuous dismissal of liberal-leftists who engaged in racial sectarianism and the separation of ethnicities. It would ask them to think about the possibility that cries of “white privilege” drive away poor whites, who are anything but privileged, and who might once have given the left a hearing.
alt-right  identity-politics  new-left  populism 
12 days ago by craigryan
God Bless ContraPoints | Current Affairs
postiive review of contrapoints and what she's doing right
contrapoints  youtube  alt-right 
16 days ago by ebel
How the alt-right’s sexism lures men into white supremacy
The movement’s many online communities prey on male insecurity to advance a racist political agenda.
sexism  alt-right 
18 days ago by Pasanpr

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