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From Memes to Infowars: How 75 Fascist Activists Were “Red-Pilled”
White supremacists credit YouTube with being the single-most important media source in their radicalization.
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23 hours ago by samplereality
(13196) Brasilien: Demokratie in Gefahr? | Weltspiegel - YouTube - The far-right candidate has sought, with little evidence, to link his Worker’s party opponent to Brazil’s neighbour’s troubles

*! - Why Brazil Might Elect An Ultra-Right Wing President (HBO)

& - “How Fascism Works”: Jason Stanley On Trump, Bolsonaro and the Rise of Fascism Across the Globe
Fascism is based on power, reality bites fake power in ass. destabilise.
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When the Far-right teams up with those critical of Pope Francis
Populist are allying with conservative Christians to defend religious identity from Islam and secularization. The international anti-multiculturalist movement run by the Italian League, and the four Visegrad countries, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Austria.Vendée’s revenge – religious fanatism to protect class interests and privileges Even Voltaire’s homeland is suffering a bit from the wind blowing from the east and from overseas, if the former minister of the Sarkozy family and practicing Catholic, Nadine Morano makes blatant claims of a “White” France, walking on a ground already ploughed by the paladins of the anti-gay marriage, Manif pour tous and by the neo-con of Sens Commun. All belonging to that reactionary front that by rediscovering God have shortened its distances Salvini’s anti-immigrant Italy. Europe is haunted by a new Ghost, this time white. Is it Vendée’s revenge on the long cultural hegemony of the Republican Enlightenment?“The cultural convergence between national-populism and the Catholic right both hostile to Bergoglio’s ecumenism is a real phenomenon and is particularly evident in Italy, the only country in Western Europe where populists are in power” A recent Pew study reveals a reversal trend in the hitherto contagious march of secularism, especially in Greece and in the former communist countries, where the term “Christian” (over 70% of those questioned) is increasingly linked to nationalism and conservative social positions. Salvini: “I believe that people of Catholic sensitivity have been able to appreciate many of our struggles, especially in recent years - Salvini declares to Rossoporpora - from the establishment of the family as the core of society, formed by father and mother, and not by anonymous parents 1 and 2 which are quite disturbing, up to the defense of those religious symbols that also belong to our cultural heritage and say much of our common roots as the Nativity Scene or the Crucifix in public offices. Protecting these symbols also means protecting our history and culture”.
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4 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Witchblr, Kek, and the Widening Schism of Internet Religions | WIRED
Alt-righties mashed the two things together to create the Cult of Kek, a catch-all ism that can invoke the power of Kek via “meme magic.
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4 weeks ago by LuDuMu
Alt-right embraces alternative healing | ReligionWatch | An Online Publication of Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion
Holistic health and alternative medicine are finding a following among the far right, even if the ethnic and religious origins of these remedies may seem worlds apart from their agenda, according to Holly Folk of Western Washington University. Folk, who presented a paper at the mid-August meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion in Montreal attended by RW, finds an “elective affinity” between right wing groups and alternative medicine. In a content analysis of far right organizations and websites, she found that the amount of content devoted to health has increased greatly. Such Internet personalities and groups as Alex Jones and his Infowars site, Mike Adams, and the Edwards Group regularly mix chiropractic and Ayurvedic treatments with conspiracy theories about the government and discussion about UFOs. Other beacons of the “alt-right,” such as the magazine American Renaissance, have so far resisted the turn to alternative health.

The far right’s anti-authoritarian stance also translates into opposition to the medical establishment. Unlike the cultural left’s embrace of holistic health, these sites have a distinct take on alternative health—they reject Chinese remedies while embracing Ayurvedic medicine because of its “Aryan” origins. But there is an unexpected tolerance of diversity, with respectful treatment of such alternative techniques as yoga and reiki. On sites such as Natural News and Fitness Forum there is also an emphasis on masculine vitality and “vitalism,” as seen in the body building treatments. Among women, advice on home birth, child rearing, and anti-vaccination is popular. But even with these differences, both left and right uphold a “spiritual religion though self care…that is not likely to stop anytime soon,” Folk concludes.  
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