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George Orwell had nothing on what's coming around the corner in facial recognition |
6 October 2017
Barbara McDonald, a professor of law at Sydney University who chaired an inquiry by the Australian Law Reform Commission into the Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era, points out that privacy is a "relative value which has to be balanced with other issues".
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october 2017 by ALRC
Pauline Hanson's drone use under review | The New Daily
7 July 2017
“The Australian Law Reform Commission has recommended restrictions on the use of drones for private surveillance.
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july 2017 by ALRC
We've surrendered to the drones that invade our airspace and our privacy | The Age
The Australian Law Reform Commission called for a "tort of privacy" to protect us from these scrutineers in the sky
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april 2017 by ALRC
Home spy gadgets: toys and toasters spark privacy risks | Herald Sun
Rod Chester, National technology writer, News Corp Australia Network
February 19, 2017
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february 2017 by ALRC
Who's listening? The ethical and legal issues of developing a health app | The COnversation
December 9, 2016
he Australian Law Reform Commission 2014 review on Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era recommended significant reform in this area, but this has yet to be fully considered by the Australian government.
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december 2016 by ALRC
New drone rules: With more eyes in the sky, expect less privacy - Computerworld
Brendan Gogarty, University of Tasmania (Computerworld)
29 September, 2016 10:52
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september 2016 by ALRC

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