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Der weltberühmte britische Maler J.M.W. Turner bereist die Schweiz auf der Suche nach spektakulären Motiven mehrfach. Dabei besucht er auch immer wieder Luzern, um vor Ort das einmalige Zusammenspiel von Licht und Wetter, See und Bergen zu studieren. Seine Eindrücke hält er in Skizzen und leuchtenden Aquarellen fest.
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Eagle view over mountain range 😍👍
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Documenting one of the world’s toughest races (through the Alps!) with the Panasonic S1R
Philipp took the LUMIX S1R camera with him. ‘It’s not the lightest camera, but seeing the results afterwards I know it was the right choice. The details in the photos are insane. You can see everything – the sweat, the dirt, the fatigue in Paul’s eyes.’

A ski mountaineer, mountain runner and photographer: all very different disciplines with their own unique challenges.

Philipp Reiter (born 20 July 1991) is a German ski mountaineer and mountain runner. He was selected for the German national ski mountaineering team. Reiter was born in Munich. He started ski mountaineering in 2001, and competed for the first time in 2006. He currently lives in Bad Reichenhall and is studying mathematics and biology at the University of Salzburg.
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Ski season tickets for French trains to the will be released 17 October 2019 🚄❄️ You can set a booking alert…
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Video Settings for Safari
You probably don’t have a great need for this app, but this one feature might have a chance of being useful?

“Control the sound volume and apply it to every browser player”
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No Room at the Top
The Annapurna myth began to crack when Lachenal's unexpurgated diaries and a biography of Rébuffat were published in 1996. Roberts uses those books and more recent interviews to give us a balanced overview of the Annapurna expedition, but ''True Summit'' isn't merely a better-sourced retelling of a 50-year-old story. Roberts uses the new revelations to deliver a long delayed glory to Louis Lachenal and to explore the tension between the demands of narrative, the duty of historical accuracy and the fallibility of memory.
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Mont-Blanc viewed from the back of the largest European eagle


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Matias 60% Keyboard
Matias 60% Keyboard - the 60% keyboard with Arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End
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