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How to Auto Italicize All Non-alphanumeric Characters in Email Body with Outlook VBA
In order to distinguish non-alphanumeric characters from alphanumeric ones in an email’s body, you may be used to italicizing the non-alphanumeric characters. Now, in this post, we will share you a method to auto accomplish it.
Alphanumeric  Characters  Email  Body  Italicize  Non-alphanumeric  Outlook  repair  VBA 
april 2018 by DataNumen
Is Phone Unlock Pattern Still Reliable to Secure Your Phone?
You definitely have heard so many people advise you to not secure your phone with a simple phone unlock pattern. Some of them might include scary story about the danger your data will face if your phone get stolen and end up in the hand of a very bad man.
phone  unlock  pattern  and  alphanumeric  codes  Android  security 
october 2017 by dennyfar
Misidentification of Alphanumeric Symbols – PSQH
Handwritten slashed zero caused death. Investigation: If the slash is long below the zero, it looks very much like 4 (the variety with the closed top) or 9; and if the cirle is open at the top, like a 6. Doc uses slashed 0 to avoid error; nurses read as 4; patient dies. Wow. Maybe a blackslash zero is better?
misidentification  alphanumeric  font  typeface 
september 2016 by WaltMG
Interfacing a Siemens DL2416T | Arduous
programming for the 2416 display - NOT SUPER USEFUL
led  2416  ascii  alphanumeric 
august 2016 by scruss
Quoted-printable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quoted-Printable, or QP encoding, is an encoding using printable ASCII characters (alphanumeric and the equals sign "=") to transmit 8-bit data over a 7-bit data path or, generally, over a medium which is not 8-bit clean.[1] It is defined as a MIME content transfer encoding for use in e-mail.

QP works by using the equals sign "=" as an escape character. It also limits line length to 76, as some software has limits on line length.
wikipedia  MIME  email  encoding  ASCII  alphanumeric  8-bit  7-bit  data 
february 2014 by steelsouls

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