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Tech’s Frightful Five: They’ve Got Us - The New York Times
This is the most glaring and underappreciated fact of internet-age capitalism: We are, all of us, in inescapable thrall to one of the handful of American technology companies that now dominate much of the global economy. I speak, of course, of my old friends the Frightful Five: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet, the parent company of Google.
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FAS and reach an out-of-court settlement for the operating system
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Alphabet’s Verily shows off health-focused smartwatch • Ars Technica
Ron Amadeo:
<p>Alphabet's Life Sciences division, called Verily, is giving the world a peek at its health-focused smartwatch. The Google sister company introduced the "Verily Study Watch" on its blog today, calling it an "investigational device" that aims to "passively capture health data" for medical studies.

Many wearables technically capture health data with simple heart-rate sensors, but Verily's watch aims to be a real medical device. The blog post says the device can track "relevant signals for studies spanning cardiovascular, movement disorders, and other areas." The Study Watch does this by using electrocardiography (ECG) and by measuring electrodermal activity and inertial movements.</p>

On Friday I <a href="">observed</a> that Verily was about due to do a PR push. And here it is, right on time. Not for sale, of course.
alphabet  verily  medical 
5 weeks ago by charlesarthur

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