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SOS Alerts – Andy Kinsella
- Google now competing with the Facebook alerts system
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Alphabet Q2 earnings: stock slides • Business Insider
Steve Kovach:
<p>Alphabet's overall revenue topped expectations thanks in part to growth in the "other revenues," the division of Google which includes segments like the hardware and cloud businesses.  Other revenues were $3.09bn in Q2, up from $2.17bn in the year-ago quarter.

Porat cited strength in Google's cloud business, as well as sales of its new Home smart speaker and wifi products.

But revenue growth in Google's core online search advertising business decelerated during the quarter, as the company pays larger amounts of money to partners that deliver traffic to Google's search engine, including Apple's iPhone. 

Net revenue for Google's ad business, which excludes the fees paid to partners, was up 16% during the second quarter, a slowdown from the roughly 20% net revenue growth that Google logged in the year ago period. 

Macquarie analyst Schachter pointed to the Q2 net revenue as a "meaningful deceleration." It's not the end of the world, Schachter said, but it illustrates the changes to Google's business model as more and more of its search traffic now comes from mobile devices like iPhones that require Google to share some of the revenue.</p>

"Traffic acquisition costs" are starting to rise, which isn't good for profitability. YouTube seems like the saviour as the rest of the ad business peaks. Meanwhile, there's still the worry about further fines from the EU.
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