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More Important than Ever: Renewing the U.S.-Japan Alliance for the 21st Century
Oct 2018 CSIS report
The alliance’s future is less clear today than at any other time in the 21st century. The U.S.-Japan alliance is beset by both internal and external challenges. President Donald Trump’s transactional
“America First” orientation, protectionist policies, and questioning of the value of forward U.S. military presence pose a serious risk to the alliance. There is no good political or economic reason for trade issues to threaten the alliance the way they did three decades ago, and yet they do. While the United States and Japan debate 20th-century tariffs, the 21st-century threats to regional security and prosperity—particularly from China and North Korea—are growing.

With challenges mounting in Asia, standing still is a recipe for falling behind. The allies must move forward together and accept a greater leadership role in Asia and around the world. After all, the United States needs a strong and confident Japan. And Japan needs an engaged and constructive United States. Our hope is that this report can help fortify the U.S.-Japan alliance by putting forward an ambitious but attainable agenda from now through 2030.
csis  japan  alliance 
11 days ago by strohps
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is the industry’s first global standards organization to deliver an open, standards-based architecture and specification to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Ethereum. The EEA’s world-class Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification and forth-coming testing and certification programs will ensure interoperability, multiple vendors of choice, and lower costs for its members - the world’s largest enterprises and most innovative startups.
enterprise  blockchain  ethereum  standards  alliance 
13 days ago by cyberchucktx
Satellite operators form C-Band consortium to protect existing use of spectrum | FierceWireless
A group of global satellite operators today announced the formation of an alliance to protect existing use of the 3.7-4.2 GHz band while also clearing a portion of the C-Band for 5G wireless services.
satellite  c-band  3.7ghz  4.2ghz  alliance  2018  consortium 
13 days ago by stevesong
Not such an ‘unnatural’ alliance The Left and Islamists have much in common Hal G.P. Colebatch
I had to dig to find a succinct explanation of the alliance between leftism and fanatical Islam. To employ a favorite metaphor mine, this article told me what time it was without explaining how the wa...
islam  left  alliance  from notes
5 weeks ago by quasiperfect
Global First Ladies Alliance
First Ladies are influential leaders.

The position of First Lady is one of the most influential and visible roles on the world stage, yet it does not come with a job description. The Global First Ladies Alliance draws upon ten years of in-depth experience working with First Ladies and their offices to assist them as they set priorities, identify strategic partners, generate positive impact, and develop lasting legacies.

Since 2008, our team has directly advised 42 First Ladies and their offices on programmatic and policy initiatives, and helped facilitate productive collaborations between First Ladies and nearly 30 global institutions. We also liaise with Presidents’ offices, ministries and other cabinet officials as their agendas align.
alliance  influence  politics  vision  advocacy  women 
6 weeks ago by pgorrindo
Google tries to calm controversy over app developers having access to your Gmail - The Verge
Frey offers a few tips to ensuring your data is in the hands of trusted sources. Those include reviewing the permissions screen before giving access to a non-Google app and using the company’s Security Checkup tool to check what devices have logged into your account, which third-party apps have access to your Gmail, and what permissions those apps have. She also says Google’s review process is designed to ensure companies and individuals do not misrepresent themselves and only request data relevant to the function they’re providing.
security  google  alliance  data_protection  alliances 
july 2018 by SeeGoRun
La Banque Postale distribue un service de CNP Assurance
CNP Assurances et La Banque Postale annoncent aujourd’hui le lancement national d’un support croissance avec garantie de 80 % du versement net à échéance de 12 ans. Proposé dans le cadre de la gestion libre du contrat d’assurance vie Cachemire 2, il est distribué par La Banque Postale et permet de rechercher la performance avec une garantie partielle du capital.

Dans un contexte de taux bas, ce nouveau type de support offre une alternative à l’investissement sur le fonds euros avec un potentiel de rendement supérieur sur le long terme. Commercialisé par La Banque Postale et intégré dans la formule « gestion libre » du contrat d’assurance vie Cachemire 2, aux côtés des supports euros et en unités de comptes, ce support conçu et géré par CNP Assurances offre une protection du capital de 80 % (nets de frais sur versements) à une échéance de 12 ans.
CNP  banque_postale  secteur_BANQUE  secteur_ASSURANCE  alliance 
june 2018 by unknowns
Rapprochement Banque Postale et CNP Assurance à l'etude
Selon le site internet de BFM Business qui ne cite pas ses sources, l'entreprise publique va devoir investir entre deux et quatre milliards d'euros à moyen terme pour se transformer face au déclin structurel de son activité courrier historique.

Selon BFM, une injection d'argent public étant écartée, la piste d'un rapprochement entre la filiale bancaire de la Poste et CNP Assurances, qui ont toutes les deux la CDC pour actionnaire, serait à l'étude
CNP  secteur_BANQUE  secteur_ASSURANCE  alliance  CDC 
june 2018 by unknowns
Un rapprochement possible entre la Caisse des Depots et La banque postale
L'objectif est de disposer d'outils de soutien des politiques publiques plus lisibles, plus efficaces et plus alignés avec l'exécutif tout en mettant fin aux querelles de chapelles... Avec cette nouvelle marque, « Banque des territoires », le directeur général de la Caisse Eric Lombard, regroupe en effet des activités qui servent les territoires au sein de la CDC, dans le domaine financier et du logement
secteur_BANQUE  banque_postale  caisse_des_depots  alliance 
june 2018 by unknowns

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