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Shock and Raw - EClairedeLoon - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
It may come as a surprise to some (none) that Tony was a picky eater, had been since birth. His parents had catered to him shamelessly, never forcing him to eat something that made him wrinkle his nose or voice a protest as soon as he was able to formulate how to verbalize his displeasure. It just figures that the one time he goes out on a limb he ends up in the hospital.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  ship:steve/tony  pining!Steve  sick!Tony  protective!Steve  allergic-reaction  get-together  length:5k-10k 
november 2018 by Capnshellhead
His Way Through the Constellation - AmnesiaJohn Fic
Rodney finds John after he's been missing for six months. John isn't sure he wants to know who he was.
imported  SGA  McKay/Sheppard  first.time  torakowalski  amnesia  allergic-reaction 
june 2007 by southerly

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amnesia  fandom:marvel  first.time  get-together  imported  length:5k-10k  mckay/sheppard  pining!steve  protective!steve  sga  ship:steve/tony  sick!tony  torakowalski  uni:mcu 

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