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Facebook Libra payment system
This article has made me cautiously optimistic Libra may work as a payment system and not be a terrible monopoly play
facebook  libra  money  payments  online  wechat  alipay  tootme 
july 2019 by nelson
guidao/gopay: golang语言实现的支付模块,支持支付宝app,支付宝网页版,微信app,微信公众号支付
golang语言实现的支付模块,支持支付宝app,支付宝网页版,微信app,微信公众号支付. Contribute to guidao/gopay development by creating an account on GitHub.
code  golang  alipay  wechat  payment 
july 2019 by lostsnow
焦点分析 | 被支付宝微信打败后,拉卡拉靠挣刷卡扫码的钱上市了
alipay  wechatpay  lakala  china  payment 
april 2019 by JINYONG86

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