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Advanced image alignments with CSS Grid: Full Bleed and beyond
"An experiment to mix regular floated images and full-bleed / full-bleed variant images within the same layout using a combination of old layout methods and CSS Grid." from Morten Rand-Hendriksen
image  css  alignment  floats  grid  layout  blog  article  design 
3 days ago by abberdab
Optical Effects in User Interfaces (for True Nerds)
Our eyes are weird organs that often are telling lies to us. But if you know the peculiarities of human visual perception, you can build more approachable and clean designs. Not only do type designers utilize optical tricks for creating readable and well-balanced fonts, but it’s also helpful for interface designers, who build user-machine communication.
design-pattern  effect  ux  design  alignment  optical 
21 days ago by vancura
Rollie's Dad's Method (RDM) for Mill/Lathe Alignment
I've read through multiple posts on the net for how to perform the alignment of the Mill head to the column and Lathe Head to the lathe bed. I've seen
minimill  alignment  rollie 
22 days ago by adragomir

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