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BoxShade Server
For color/shapding of sequence alignments.
sequence  alignment 
3 days ago by tvalerius
T-COFFEE Multiple Sequence Alignment Server
T-Coffee is a multiple sequence alignment server. It can align Protein, DNA and RNA sequences. You can use T-Coffee to align sequences or to combine the output of your favorite alignment methods into one unique alignment. It is also able to combine sequence information with protein structural information, profile information or RNA secondary structures.
sequence  alignment  multiple 
3 days ago by tvalerius
Are you out of alignment? – Camille Fournier – Medium
Getting into alignment with the company is often a challenge for senior ICs because it requires a major change in focus. The hardest part is now identifying the right problem to solve, instead of solving the hardest problem.
culture  alignment  productivity  career 
9 days ago by igrigorik
Are you out of alignment? – Camille Fournier – Medium
Don't get addicted to the buzz that comes with solving hard problems. If you're solving the wrong problems, your effort will be wasted. If you miss a chance to turn a hard problem into an easy one, your effort will be wasted. Find inspiration in progress, not problem solving.
fournier  careers  culture  alignment 
14 days ago by pinterb
D&D alignment chart based on Mike Mearls descriptions
Chaotic good - do whatever it takes to help others
Chaotic neutral - do whatever it takes
Chaotic evil - do whatever
Neutral Good - Puts everyone ahead of self
Neutral - Puts friends ahead of self
Neutral Evil - Puts self ahead of everything
Lawful good pays taxes to improve society
Lawful neutral pays taxes to avoid punishment
Lawful evil collects taxes
dnd  rpgs  alignment  charts 
22 days ago by spaceninja
Four Types of People
Low skill, low kindness: show patience, don't engage. Low skill, high kindness: teach them. High skill, low kindness: observe from afar. High skill, high kindness: seek them out and learn from them.
skill  kindness  learning  people  culture  alignment  charts 
26 days ago by spaceninja

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