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Why we imagine aliens the way we do - Vox
Aliens often resemble life on Earth. How did we land on that concept of extraterrestrials?
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4 days ago by jorgebarba
The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn’t the Pentagon care?
> In one example, over the course of two weeks in November 2004, the USS Princeton, a guided-missile cruiser operating advanced naval radar, repeatedly detected unidentified aircraft operating in and around the Nimitz carrier battle group, which it was guarding off the coast of San Diego. In some cases, according to incident reports and interviews with military personnel, these vehicles descended from altitudes higher than 60,000 feet at supersonic speeds, only to suddenly stop and hover as low as 50 feet above the ocean... According to naval aviators I have spoken with at length, the vehicles were roughly 45 feet long and white... I have met with senior Pentagon officials, and at least one followed up and obtained briefings confirming incidents such as the Nimitz case. But nobody wants to be “the alien guy” in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue. This is true up and down the chain of command, and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress.
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9 days ago by jamesmnw
Star Wars: A Long Time Ago, in a Hive Far Far Away?
Here is my modest theory: the GFFA’s ‘humans’ are in fact sentient hive insects, organized around a single queen, a handful of fertile males, and a horde of infertile female soldiers.  For parsimony’s sake, let’s assume that Force sensitivity in this species is possessed by fertile males and females, and that male actors used to represent non-Force sensitive characters are actually representing infertile females.
starwars  movies  fantasy  scifi  hivemind  aliens 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
What Happens If China Makes First Contact?
China is investing more in making first contact than anyone else, but fear of conflict means other civilizations aren’t likely to make theirselves known even to such powerful instruments.
china  aliens 
6 weeks ago by irace
Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program - The New York Times
Details about a secret program within the Department of Defense that Harry Reid was the primary supporter of.
aliens  ufos  extraterrestrial-life 
7 weeks ago by irace
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "1. So, a few thoughts about Ursula K. Le Guin, Boasian anthropology & trajectory of 20th century science fiction."
"1. So, a few thoughts about Ursula K. Le Guin, Boasian anthropology & trajectory of 20th century science fiction.

2. Le Guin was the daughter of Alfred Louis Kroeber & Theodora Kracaw, two extremely distinguished anthropologists, in the tradition of Franz Boas.

3. Boas, of course, was a major figure in moving anthropology away from hierarchical judgements & trying to understand cultures on their own terms.

4. If we ask, what was the science of Le Guin's science fiction, the clear answer is anthropology: the ability to imagine & populate societies with rules very different than our own.

5. Le Guin's anthropological imagination of course went hand in hand with her feminism, since part of what she imagined was societies without contemporary gender binary.

6. On the whole, with a few noble exceptions, early 20th century American science fiction & fantasy was profoundly xenophobic, in ways both subtle & profound.

7. It wasn't just the bug-eyed monsters, but also that many SF writers had a hard time imagining future or alien societies that didn't just replicate norms of 20th century America.

8. Of E.E. "Doc" Smith, one of the great pioneers of space opera, @john_clute wrote that his work had "a lunatic insensitivity to lifeforms (i.e. Jews)...not found in small America circa 1930."

9. John W. Campbell, a foundational editor of sf who shaped field for decades, had a rule that no alien species could be smarter than humans (by which he meant white people, since he rejected stories with black heroes).

10. Even someone like Heinlein, more cosmopolitan than most pulp writers, struggled with diversity. He often had people of color in books but they thought, acted & sounded like middle class white Americans.

11. Le Guin was part of a great shift in science fiction, often called New Wave, which had many dimensions (literary, countercultural, feminist) but was also a move from xenophobia to xenophilia.

12. It's interesting that the move from xenophobia to xenophilia all involved writers who, at an early age, had encounters with non-western cultures.

13. Aside from Le Guin there was Paul Linebarger (a.k.a. Cordwainer Smith) who grew up in China & Alice Sheldon (a.k.a. Alice Tiptree) whose mom was a travel writer & who spent youth traveling in Africa & elsewhere.

14. Cordwainer Smith claimed he dream in Chinese (Mandarin, I think). Mind you, he used his cultural sensitivity to dubious ends (he was a CIA expert on psychological warfare). Still, it informed his fiction

15. And Sheldon/Tiptree (also CIA!) had ties to Africa that were redolent of colonialism, as in this photo when she was a child. But her adult work was a critique of colonial hauteur.

16. Slightly tangential but Le Guin's anthropological science fiction was bastardized by Hollywood: both Return of the Jedi & Avatar are riffs on Le Guin's The Word For World Is Forest.

18. To conclude, if we want to situate Le Guin historically, she's part of the great shift in s.f. where there is a move to genuinely imagine alien cultures and to imaginatively live inside them."
ursulaleguin  2018  jeetheer  anthropology  sciencefiction  scifi  alfredlouiskroeber  theodorakracaw  franzboas  eesmith  alicesheldon  alicetiptree  colonialism  cordwainersmith  newwave  femism  johncampbell  fantasy  xenophobia  aliens  robertheinlein 
7 weeks ago by robertogreco
Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program - The New York Times
"Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. Researchers also studied people who said they had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and examined them for any physiological changes. In addition, researchers spoke to military service members who had reported sightings of strange aircraft."
oddities  aliens  government  crypto 
8 weeks ago by jbushnell
Elite: Dangerous players may have discovered evidence of an alien language - Polygon
The stakes keep rising in Elite: Dangerous. Encounters with the game’s alien faction, called the Thargoids, are increasing in frequency. But while the majority of players seem focused on destroying the aliens’ massive ships, others are trying to understand their unique markings. Some think it could be the first step in decoding the game’s alien language.
Elite(series)  EliteDangerous  FrontierDevelopments  Gaming  VideoGames  PC  Aliens  GamingNews 
8 weeks ago by dk33per
Integrate - confirmation bias, by novembersmith Sezin/Gavin Hayes
This made me read the canon novella - Integrate by Thea Hayworth. If you don’t want to, though, the fic stands fine on its own.
sf  length:5k-15k  integrate  sezin/gavin  gavin/sezin  tentacles  aliens  reallyfuckinggood 
9 weeks ago by northern
It's not everyday you run into made by
🇵🇪😝👽👽😝🇵🇪 ú
AlienLove  IceCream  Per  Peru  Aliens  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago by rainhead
Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure
Just to give you a teaser of what Corey is feverishly writing up for Part Three of this new series, this object apparently IS an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

The MIC SSP, as we said, has craft that can travel throughout our solar system -- and has had them for many years.

According to Sigmund, they have already flown out to this object, landed on it and managed to find a way inside.

Corey was lucky enough to see actual video of the interior. This was one case where I definitely felt jealous.

Most of the technology in the object was long since cleaned out.

Nonetheless, there is a stunning treasure-trove of super-advanced goodies inside.
aliens  SSP 
10 weeks ago by astrogirl
The Hunt For Aliens is a Grassroots Movement Funded by Billionaires | Inverse
The last few years demonstrate that extraterrestrial research has finally moved into the mainstream. And the money is flowing in fast.
10 weeks ago by geetarista

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