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Algorithms | Coursera
Algorithms are the heart of computer science, and the subject has countless practical applications as well as intellectual depth. This specialization is an introduction to algorithms for learners with at least a little programming experience. The specialization is rigorous but emphasizes the big picture and conceptual understanding over low-level implementation and mathematical details. After completing this specialization, you will be well-positioned to ace your technical interviews and speak fluently about algorithms with other programmers and computer scientists.
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El truco matemático del MP3, el JPEG y la cara de Homer Simpson
Por si no ha quedado claro, nos encantan las mates. Tras esas fórmulas y ecuaciones aparentemente incomprensibles hay un mundo de posibilidades. A la transformación de Fourier, por ejemplo, le debes la música que escuchas en formato MP3 y las fotos que subes a Facebook en formato JPEG. ¿Quieres saber por qué?
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Analysis of Algorithms
In this section, you will learn to respect a principle whenever you program: Pay attention to the cost. To study the cost of running them, we study our programs themselves via the scientific method, the commonly accepted body of techniques universally used by scientists to develop knowledge about the natural world. We also apply mathematical analysis to derive concise models of the cost.
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