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Examples of common algorithms and data structures in Python
programming  python  algorithms  datastructures 
15 hours ago by jefframnani
[1306.5667] Using Genetic Programming to Model Software
We study a generic program to investigate the scope for automatically customising it for a vital current task, which was not considered when it was first written. In detail, we show genetic programming (GP) can evolve models of aspects of BLAST's output when it is used to map Solexa Next-Gen DNA sequences to the human genome.
bioinformatics  software-synthesis  algorithms  genetic-programming  hey-I-know-this-guy  nudge-targets  consider:looking-to-see 
17 hours ago by Vaguery
CSSToucan — A Bot that Automatically Colors Web Page Texts with Context (Huula)
Экспериментальная функция конструктора сайтов Huula, которая автоматически подбирает цвета.
UX  AI  algorithms  trends  color  tools 
23 hours ago by jvetrau

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