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What is the role of journalists in holding artificial intelligence accountable?
Examples here from the Wall Street Journal - interactives they made to demonstrate how algorithms work.
algorithms  journalism  examples 
2 hours ago by macloo
idealista/tlsh-js: JavaScript port of TLSH (Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hash)
Useful algorithm for text similarity. Could be used for plagiarism detection.
javascript  algorithms 
9 hours ago by jugglebird
Compressing and enhancing hand-written notes
I wrote a program to clean up scans of handwritten notes while simultaneously reducing file size.

This article show the algorithms behind cleaning up the notes.
algorithms  cs  programming  python  cv 
10 hours ago by orange
How a Kalman filter works, in pictures | Bzarg
You can use a Kalman filter in any place where you have uncertain information about some dynamic system, and you can make an educated guess about what the system is going to do next. Even if messy reality comes along and interferes with the clean motion you guessed about, the Kalman filter will often do a very good job of figuring out what actually happened. And it can take advantage of correlations between crazy phenomena that you maybe wouldn’t have thought to exploit!
Kalman  filter  algorithms  data 
10 hours ago by patmcnally
Data Structures — A Quick Comparison (Part 2)
Each data structure has it’s own different way, or different algorithm for sorting, inserting, finding, …etc. This is due to the nature of the data structure. There are algorithms used with specific…
14 hours ago by Pasanpr

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