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How these hidden video watermarks can help spot piracy, doctored images | ZDNet
"He argues that what this technology brings is reversibility. Reversible watermarking is a method of hiding the watermark in digital media in such a way that its effect is as imperceptible as possible but which also allows digital media to be restored to its original form, down to the individual bit, once the watermark has been extracted."
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17 hours ago by niksilver
Faruk Ateş ✌🏼🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: "You can believe in evo-psych BS all you want, but you can’t deny history: women were actively pushed out of programming, by men. Fin. 15/15+"
Klout's algorithm marked me as a "top expert n evolutionary psychology" because of this tweet.

(Either this linked tweet, or this one from up-thread:)

"Ser Brosef of House Google builds ALL his assertions on evo-psych (he even admits to it explicitly), an unfounded, disproven ideology. 2/"
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yesterday by KuraFire
0x5f3759df | Hummus and Magnets
A very fast approximation of the inverse square root function. It treats a floating point number as an integer, then does integer manipulations, and then treats the integer result as a floating point number. Ingenious and amazing.
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yesterday by drmeme
Erdős’s Book and the Asymptotic Religion | Windows On Theory
Argues that even infeasible algorithms are worth finding if they provide stricter asymptotics, because they tell us something about what the optimal algorithm will look like.
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yesterday by alexbecker

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