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[1712.02662] Creating Capsule Wardrobes from Fashion Images
We propose to automatically create capsule wardrobes. Given an inventory of candidate garments and accessories, the algorithm must assemble a minimal set of items that provides maximal mix-and-match outfits. We pose the task as a subset selection problem. To permit efficient subset selection over the space of all outfit combinations, we develop submodular objective functions capturing the key ingredients of visual compatibility, versatility, and user-specific preference. Since adding garments to a capsule only expands its possible outfits, we devise an iterative approach to allow near-optimal submodular function maximization. Finally, we present an unsupervised approach to learn visual compatibility from "in the wild" full body outfit photos; the compatibility metric translates well to cleaner catalog photos and improves over existing methods. Our results on thousands of pieces from popular fashion websites show that automatic capsule creation has potential to mimic skilled fashionistas in assembling flexible wardrobes, while being significantly more scalable.
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3 hours ago by jimqiu
Neil Fraser: Writing: Differential Synchronization
Keeping two or more copies of the same document synchronized with each other in real-time is a complex challenge. This paper describes the differential synchronization algorithm. Differential synchronization offers scalability, fault-tolerance, and responsive collaborative editing across an unreliable network.
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13 hours ago by danielpi
Neil Fraser: Writing: Differential Synchronization
similar to OT operational transform
collaborative editor
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23 hours ago by dhotson
What is a zero-knowledge proof? | Zero-Knowledge Proofs
What is a zero-knowledge proof?

Zero Knowledge Proofs: An illustrated primer
What are zk-SNARKs?
“The Functionality of zk-SNARK” challenge set in “The Hunting of the SNARK”.
“Probabilistic Proof Systems” course notes
algorithm  cryptography  proof 
yesterday by euler
Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed?
Example (good) uses include hash dictionaries. I know there are things like SHA-256 and such, but these algorithms are designed to be sec...
performance  cryptography  hash  algorithm  blog-material 
2 days ago by lenciel

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