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An Intelligence in Our Image: The Risks of Bias and Errors in Artificial Intelligence | RAND
Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence systems influence many aspects of people's lives: news articles, movies to watch, people to spend time with, access to credit, and even the investment of capital. Algorithms have been empowered to make such decisions and take actions for the sake of efficiency and speed. Despite these gains, there are concerns about the rapid automation of jobs (even such jobs as journalism and radiology). A better understanding of attitudes toward and interactions with algorithms is essential precisely because of the aura of objectivity and infallibility cultures tend to ascribe to them. This report illustrates some of the shortcomings of algorithmic decisionmaking, identifies key themes around the problem of algorithmic errors and bias, and examines some approaches for combating these problems. This report highlights the added risks and complexities inherent in the use of algorithmic decisionmaking in public policy. The report ends with a survey of approaches for combating these problems.
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july 2019 by barbarafister
Clean Coder Blog
Classes and Data Structures are opposites in at least three different ways.

Classes make functions visible while keeping data implied. Data structures make data visible while keeping functions implied.
Classes make it easy to add types but hard to add functions. Data structures make it easy to add functions but hard to add types.
Data Structures expose callers to recompilation and redeployment. Classes isolate callers from recompilation and redeployment.
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june 2019 by pks
Personal data: political persuasion
Continued developments in digital technologies have given rise to a new political modus operandi. Politically active groups around the globe are using tools and techniques from marketing, statistics and psychology to advance their agendas, to promote their campaigns and to influence voters.

As these political groups amass and leverage data on voters, they increasingly adopt a commercial approach to data collection. This data-centric business model, which has transformed countless other domains, has become an inextricable part of modern-day politicking. The Data and Politics project aims to explore which political entities are using what types of data, how their various methods work, and how they are affecting democracies worldwide.
data  democracy  politics  persuasion  algorithims  PILprimer 
april 2019 by barbarafister
Coding Interview Curated - Non Compos Mentis
This is a curated list of various algorithms and coding interview resources. Although not focussed specifically on coding interviews, check out the collections Algorithms: Design and Analysis and Algorithms: Design and Analysis II, as well as the page Algorithms Curated.
interviews  algorithims  katherine 
february 2019 by pks
Algorithms by Jeff Erickson
This web page contains a free electronic version of my (soon to be) self-published textbook Algorithms, along with other lecture notes I have written for various theoretical computer science classes at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign since 1998.
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january 2019 by pks
KeyJ's Blog : Blog Archive » MP3 for image compression
Using MP3 for compressing images isn't the best idea, but it's a pretty cool one and you get a cool TV static result from it. Obviously JPEG is better compression, but since MP3's patents have finally expired it's easier to use the algorithm and this is a fun use of it.
Programming  Algorithims 
april 2017 by cmp

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