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Algebras we love
If you work with anything that can be modeled mathematically, you most likely know that many things you work can be expressed with algebras. However, if you are not a graduate of a computer science course or similar you might not know how ubiquitous they are and how often you rely on some of them. (And I don’t mean F-algebras and FP-concepts). So what are algebras and where can we meet some most common of them?
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yesterday by lena
Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications
Everything you wanted to know about abstract algebra, but were afraid to buy

Rob Beezer has contributed extensive material about studying abstract algebra concepts with Sage, and instruction in the use of Sage itself. Each chapter (except one, Matrix Groups and Symmetry) has an extensive discussion of how to profitably use Sage. For most chapters (except two), these discussions are followed by classroom-tested exercises, ranging from very computational to open-ended guided explorations. In total there are 710 examples of Sage code and 121 exercises. These examples are run through automated testing twice a year using the latest stable version of Sage, so are highly reliable.

All of this material is included in the online version, where the Sage examples are executable and editable, via the free, zero-configuration Sage Cell server. The PDF download below is a static version of the online version and includes all the Sage material, where the examples have sample output included.
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7 days ago by rcyphers
Plate trick - Wikipedia
i've tried this out with my belt. it does work. i still don't believe it
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14 days ago by kmt

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