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An Alfred workflow that allows free text searching of OmniFocus tasks and projects. A really nice example of Alfred's power. Now someone needs to make this for LaunchBar...
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yesterday by ttscoff
How can I use the ctrl+L to save the current safari tab ? · Issue #18 · fniephaus/alfred-pocket · GitHub
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IFTTT  Pocket  alfred 
6 days ago by mklappstuhl
Application launcher for Linux 🐧
alfred  apps  desktop  launcher  linux 
9 days ago by xcession
File Filter Input - Alfred Help and Support
Create custom file filters to search for file types or in search scopes you specify.
Apps  Alfred  System_How-tos 
9 days ago by enslrhs82
How to Connect Your AirPods to Your Mac with a Keyboard Shortcut
On the first day that I owned my Apple AirPods, they would connect to my Mac as soon as I put them in my ears. They don’t do that anymore. Now, I have to click on the bluetooth menu in the menu bar…
airpods  alfred  applescript 
14 days ago by nanoxd
Alfred - Firefox Bookmarks
Trying on work computer. not working maybe?
15 days ago by cpkriech

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