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Matthew Wilkens, "Digital Humanities," Graduate, Notre Dame
This course focuses on new methods and new objects in cultural and literary study and ways to use tools to make arguments. It opens with media theory but spends most of the course using tools to make arguments on large bodies of text.
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Lev Manovich, "Theories of New Media," Graduate, UCSD
In this graduate course, Manovich links digital media (differentiating it from new media) to cinema and digital cinema. He begins with the origins of the internet and questioning what is new media and ends with ideas of collective intelligence and identity online.
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Empires: The Film by Marc Lafia — Kickstarter
"…feature length documentary film and new media project which explores the impact of networks on histories and philosophies of political thought. We have spent the last year interviewing an extraordinary array of leading international thinkers on the ideas, philosophies and technologies including social and capital movements that are shaping our sciences and social structures, in our networked world."

"No formal system of power has lasted forever." —Saskia Sassen

"It's way easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of the current order." — Michael Hardt

"It's not even that we've bought into the notion of our own enslavement by capitalism. We bought into winner-takes-all syndrome. … We don't rebel against the system. It's not even a question as to wealth anymore. It's a question of believing that you can be at the center of the network…winner …losers… We are not individuals any more — we are brands." —Greg Lindsay

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