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6 FEBRUARY, 2016 - 14:44 NATALIA KLIMCZAK Has the Hidden Location of the Tomb of Cleopatra Finally Been Found?
Taposiris Magna was just another archaeological site in Northern Egypt, until a rumor arose that the famous queen Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony may have been buried there.
Abu Sir (Abusir), also known by its Roman name as Taposiris Magna, is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Alexandria, Egypt. It's an ancient city that was called Per Usiri by Egyptians, meaning “Dwelling of Osiris.” The name of the city implies that it's a place of Osiris’ burial, and in the past it was considered to be one of numerous places where, according to Egyptian mythology, Isis looked for the parts of Osiris’ body that was dismembered by his brother Seth.
It was also a port on the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most important trade harbors in the late history of Egypt. To make it even more attractive, it had another harbor on Lake Maryut. Furthermore, the town may have been known since Pre-Dynastic times.
During the period when the Persians ruled Egypt, it was the capital of the kingdom of Marea. In Roman times, this region was a major source of the grain that was shipped to Italy to placate the potentially riotous plebs in Rome. It's also a place known for the oldest wine press and one of the oldest bridges in the world has been unearthed.
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Boy that happened fast. But for 10$ million? "Netflix Bought the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doc ‘Knock Down the House…
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Crusher of Sacred Cows – Rolling Stone
With its silly swipes at AOC, the American political establishment is once again revealing its blindness to its own unpopularity [...] The mortification on the Republican side has come more from media figures than actual elected officials. Still, there are plenty of people like Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) doing things like denouncing “this girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whatever she is” for preaching “socialism wrapped in ignorance.” A group of GOP House members booed her on the floor, to which she replied, “Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me, fellas.” [...] The latter issue, of course, is the real problem most of Washington has with “AOC”: her self-generated popularity and large social media presence means she doesn’t need to ask anyone’s permission to say anything. [...] She doesn’t have to run things by donors and she doesn’t need the assent of thinkfluencers like Cillizza or Max Boot (who similarly compared her to both Trump and Sarah Palin), because she almost certainly gains popularity every time one of those nitwits takes a swipe at her.
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