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Life and Libertarians: Beyond Left and Right
Alexander Cockburn: "But mostly on the left, if you actually raise a new idea, it's a bit like arriving at a town in the year 1348 with spots on your face saying, 'Let me in.'"
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december 2013 by joel3k
The Tedium Twins | Harper's Magazine
"The 'MacNeil/Lehrer Report' started in October 1975, in the aftermath of Watergate...It was a dangerous moment, for a citizenry suddenly imbued with the notion that there is not only a thesis and antithesis, but also a synthesis, is a citizenry, capable of all manner of harm to the harmonious motions of the status quo. Thus came the 'MacNeil/ Lehrer Report,' sponsored by public-television funds and by the most powerful corporate forces in America, in the form of Exxon, 'AT&T and the Bell System,' and other upstanding bodies. Back to Sunday school went the excited viewers, to be instructed that reality, as conveyed to them by television, is not an exciting affair of crooked businessmen and lying politicians but a serious continuum in which parties may disagree but in which all involved are struggling manfully and disinterestedly for the public weal."
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june 2009 by arosner
CounterPunch: "It's Kristallnacht Two!" An Ethnic Cleansing in America
"On the larger canvas, what exactly separates Madoff’s operation from those of the banks rewarded for their shady follies by a $700 billion bailout? Just like Madoff, the banks finally had to admit that all their public financial statements were false, that the supposed assets were worthless. The operating assumption of the Ponzi scheme is that the tide will always rise, that old investors can be repaid by the infusions ponied up by the fresh recruits. For the past twenty years the entire American economy has become—to quote Bernie’s succinct résumé of his business to his sons —“a giant Ponzi scheme,”. Uncle Sam is the biggest Ponzi operator of all, with the added magical power denied Madoff (unless forgery was among his talents) of being able to print money at will."
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december 2008 by arosner

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