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Better off as Lovers - alex_boylove
This is probably one of the more unique interviews Rolling Stone has done - we are discussing a celebrity wedding. But not just any celebrity wedding. No, we're talking about the Canadian wedding between Fall Out Boy members Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz.
pete/patrick  bandom  fob  alex_boylove  romance  marriage  au 
november 2009 by cunningplan
Out Through The Stars - alex-boylove
The call comes in by ansible five weeks after they've left Chicago. Mikey reads the message carefully and yells for Gerard.
bandom  fob  mcr  p!atd  frank/gerard  alex_boylove  au:book  theused  au:sci-fi  characterdeath 
march 2009 by cunningplan
One for the Money - alex-boylove
Gerard needs money. So he lets himself be hired by Gabe Saporta. And now he has to find Frank Iero. Who's wanted for murder.
au:otherjobs  bandom  p!atd  brendon/spencer  mcr  frank/gerard  alex_boylove  au:book 
march 2009 by cunningplan
Voyeurism by alex_boylove
Frank and Dwayne share a room. Dwayne is fifteen. Frank has a thing for hands.
LMS  slash  Frank/Dwayne  R  alex_boylove  !incest 
may 2008 by parolascritta
Reason and Madness by alex_boylove
Dwayne's English teacher finds her favorite student in a rather compromising position.
LMS  slash  Frank/Dwayne  PG-13  alex_boylove  !incest 
may 2008 by parolascritta
Parent-Teacher Conference by alex_boylove
"My dad can beat up your dad without lifting a finger," she said haughtily, sticking her little nose in the air. "And then he'll eat your dad's brain."
Heroes  slash  sylar/mohinder  PG  alex_boylove  !crack 
february 2008 by parolascritta

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