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Jellyvision expands fast as health care benefits software Alex wins customers - In Other News - Crain's Chicago Business
Here's why that's not exactly right: Her Near North Side tech company will end the year with almost 300 employees, up from 175 in 2014 and 100 in 2013. Jellyvision counts more than 500 companies with a combined workforce of 3 million as customers, including the likes of Comcast, Adobe and Medtronic. In 2013, it provided software to 90 companies with a total headcount of 1 million. Revenue now tops $20 million.
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3 days ago by imaginaryfriend
A stationary smart speaker mirage • Above Avalon
Neil Cybart on the Amazon Echo/Dot/etc and Google Home and Sonos One:
<p>The major takeaway from customer surveys regarding smart speakers usage is that there isn’t any clear trend. If anything, smart speakers are being used for rudimentary tasks that can just as easily be done with digital voice assistants found on smartwatches or smartphones. This environment paints a very different picture of the current health of the smart speaker market. The narrative in the press is simply too rosy and optimistic.

Ultimately, smart speakers end up competing with a seemingly unlikely product category: wearables. In fact, stationary smart speakers and wrist wearables share a surprising amount of similarities. Each is ultimately based on handling tasks formerly given to smartphones and tablets. Two examples are delivering both digital voice assistants and sound. If the goal is to rely on a digital voice assistant, an Apple Watch wearer has access to Siri at pretty much every waking  moment. When simply wearing an Apple Watch, Siri is instantly available everywhere in the home. The same kind of access to Alexa would require five, ten, or maybe even 15 Echo speakers spaced strategically throughout the home (another reason why Echo sales are becoming increasingly misleading - some consumers may be buying a handful of $20 speakers at one time). With a cellular Apple Watch, Siri is now available outside the home even when users are away from their iPhones. Meanwhile, Alexa is stuck within four walls - at least until Amazon unveils its Alexa smartwatch. 

Wearables contain a much more attractive long-term value proposition than stationary smart speakers that have to be connected to a wall outlet. In addition, the presence of a screen provides even more value as it has become very clear that voice-first or voice-only interfaces just aren't that efficient.

The writing is on the wall. The stationary speaker market is a stopgap measure taking advantage of relatively low wearables adoption. My estimate is that Apple Watch adoption stands at 3% of the iPhone user base (10% to 15% of iPhone users in the U.S.). As that percentage increases, my suspicion is we will start to see the stationary smart speaker market begin to experience usage and retention troubles.</p>

I think he's right that most people buy the cheapest one - ie the Dot - so there's a race to the bottom. But what if wearables don't quite take off?
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14 days ago by charlesarthur
Off My Bird Chest: June 2011
Superb Wonder Woman blog post about Alex Toth and his involvement in Superfriends
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21 days ago by chaoxian
Mit Jonglierbällen&Diabolos gegen Jugendkriminalität am - Zirkus vom Feinsten und ein bisschen ernst.…
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