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Alert Level Information - Center for Internet Security
The Alert Level is determined using the following threat severity formula:
Severity = (Criticality + Lethality) - (System Countermeasures + Network Countermeasures)

Lethality: How likely is it that the attack will do damage?
(Value = Potential Damage)
Criticality: What is the target of the attack?
(Value = Target)
System Countermeasures: What host-based preventive measures are in place?
(Value = Countermeasure)
Network Countermeasures: What network-based preventive measures are in place?
(Value = Countermeasure)
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17 days ago by bwiese
Stats Monitor / Tools for journalists / Home - edjnet
Stats Monitor is a unique service that gives you newsleads based on data from Eurostat, signaling interesting trends, changes and outliers. With Stats Monitor you are also able to visualize your stories and embed charts directly on your own website. The goal is to make it easy to do journalism with data.
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11 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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