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An algorithmic nose for news - Columbia Journalism Review
The Duke University Tech & Check Cooperative has developed an algorithm called ClaimBuster to monitor CNN transcripts for claims that are fact-checkable — typically statements involving numbers — and send alerts about them to reporters. Every morning a list of “checkworthy” statements made on air is emailed to fact checkers at outlets such as The Washington Post and PolitiFact, and journalists can then determine their potential newsworthiness. “Algorithmic claim spotting is one of a growing number of applications of computational story discovery,” writes Nicholas Diakopoulos. “Whether monitoring political campaign donations, keeping an eye on the courts, surfacing newsworthy events based on social media posts, winnowing down hundreds of thousands of documents for an investigation, or identifying newsworthy patterns in large datasets, computational story discovery tools are helping to speed up and scale up journalists’ ability to surveil the world for interesting news stories.”
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