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Bell Labs and CSP Threads
This page is a slice of the history of concurrent programming, focusing on one particular lineage of Hoare's language of communicating sequential processes (CSP) [1] [1a]. Concurrent programming in this style is interesting for reasons not of efficiency but of clarity. That is, it is a widespread mistake to think only of concurrent programming as a means to increase performance, e.g., to overlap disk I/O requests, to reduce latency by prefetching results to expected queries, or to take advantage of multiple processors. Such advantages are important but not relevant to this discussion. After all, they can be realized in other styles, such as asynchronous event-driven programming. Instead, we are interested in concurrent programming because it provides a natural abstraction that can make some programs much simpler.
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Rob Pike: Geek of the Week
"The syntax is clearly influenced by the C family, but there's also a lot of the Pascal family especially from the Modula and Oberon branches, in the type syntax and package systems. Its concurrency is rooted in CSP, but evolved through a series of languages done at Bell Labs in the 1980s and 1990s, such as Newsqueak, Alef, and Limbo..............."The most surprising one to me was a program Russ Cox wrote that, because of this orthogonality of features I mentioned, was able to attach a method to a function in the implementation of a web server. That's a fun example to present - it's a bit of a mindblower. It's the HandlerFunc adapter described in Effective Go"........."Go's usage is growing both inside Google and in the outside world. I'm doing what I can to support that, while continuing to develop the language, libraries and environment. I hope some big things will be happening soon."
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Gulf Life| Design of the times
Ex editor of Alef Olivia Snaije selects her favorite Middle East design items.
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