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A pint in London
Find a London pub through this game
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5 hours ago by dancall
2 Minnesota Distilleries Win Best In Class Awards
The American Craft Spirits named their 2019 award winners, and J. Carver took silver in the Brandy category, and was named Best in Class of all those who competed. Tattersall earned a gold medal in the Rum Category and the Barreled Rum was named Best in Class.
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3 days ago by emkay
Carlsberg Crafted beer portfolio
Brewer Carlsberg has added new craft beers to its portfolio, including brews from its recently acquired London Fields brewery, in a bid to strengthen its commitment to the segment.
After launching its Crafted portfolio of beers five years ago, alongside beer writer Pete Brown, Carlsberg UK has increased the number of craft beers in its portfolio to 64.

Craft beer sales have risen by 15%, with distribution up by 20%, since 2017, according to the Danish brewery.

New additions this year include variants from bread brewery Toast, as well as beers from its London Fields brewery.
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3 days ago by dancall
Why Coca-Colas’s Newest Offerings Look a Lot Like Craft Beer | October
Regardless of whether you’ve been a designated driver, trying to stave off a hangover, or simply abstaining from alcohol altogether, your options in most bars have long remained limited. At best, there might have been a token, tasteless non-alcoholic beer or a sickly, maraschino-topped Shirley Temple on the menu. Chances are high you would have gone to most people’s safe option: quietly ordering a soft drink or a club soda with lime.
“We’d talk to consumers and ask them if that was what they would be drinking in an ideal world and the answer was almost uniformly no,” says Sabrina Tandon, part of Coca-Cola’s Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB) unit. “The best line I heard was, ‘When I go out, I have a two-drink limit and then I’m done. When I switch, I feel like I’ve left the party. If I could have a choice that felt closer to that alcoholic beverage, I would just feel so much better.’”
Enter BAR NØNE, a line of beverages from Tandon and the team at Coca-Cola designed to loosely approximate drinks like dry hard cider and gingery Moscow Mules. Unlike Coke, Pepsi, or other soft drinks, which can leave you jittery at the end of the night from all the caffeine and corn syrup, these beverages claim to err on the tangy side rather than sweet. They still pack a reasonable dose of cane sugar, but the goal is to be better suited to slowly sipping over the course of an evening in a bar.
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3 days ago by dancall
Devils Backbone brings beer packaging to life with AR | Mobile Marketer
Craft brewery Devils Backbone aims to connect with beer lovers with its latest packaging that comes to life on mobile screens in augmented reality (AR), which overlays digital images on the real views of a smartphone camera. Devils Backbone also created an app for Apple and Android devices, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.
By scanning printed QR codes on its packaging with a cell phone camera, viewers can see animated stories about its Vienna Lager, Golf Leaf Lager and Striped Bass Ale, letting the brewer tell the story of its beer.
The Vienna Lager features a barn swallow that does bird impressions; the Striped Bass Pale Ale has a soulful bass fish that sings about oyster restoration and clean water in Chesapeake Bay; and Gold Leaf Lager shows an impatient dog whose personality contrasts with the brewer's "Slow by nature" slogan.
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5 days ago by dancall
I'm with the Band: 7 Great Beer and Music Collaborations | October
It’s a little-known fact that Iron Maiden has been collaborating on an award-winning beer line since 2013. Trooper Beer, a golden ale, is produced by the UK’s Robinsons Family Brewers and has inspired offshoots such as an ESB. For the latest iteration of the beer, the band wanted something a little louder. Enter Trooper Nitro. This nitrogen “charged” ale promises a “deep and complex flavour,” according to Trooper brand manager Sam Kennerley, that “has been enhanced with a cooler temperature and a perfect serve.” To date, the Trooper beer line has sold 20 million pints throughout 50 countries.
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5 days ago by dancall
Nantes. Des alcoolisations au volant massives et répétées en ville -
Nuit mouvementée sur les routes de Nantes et de son agglomération. Les forces de police ont procédé à de nombreux contrôles d’alcoolémie positifs au cours de leurs patrouilles. De la rue Fouré en centre-ville au quai Wilson sur l'île de Nantes en passant par le Ranzay secteur Beaujoire, de 22 h samedi soir à 4 h 30 ce dimanche matin, les contrevenants n’avaient pas fait dans la demi-mesure, certains automobilistes affichant des taux de 2,44 g d’alcool par litre de sang, 2,14 g, 1,60 g ou bien encore 1,56 g.
alcohol  nantes  driving 
7 days ago by juliusbeezer
35 Stylish Cocktails you can make at home with Sake
Looking for a different way to enjoy sake? We’ve searched for the best sake cocktails recipes available. And don’t worry, most of them are simple enough to make at home!
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8 days ago by yk7
Honey Syrup - Imbibe Magazine
Thin honey out with hot water and you get this honey syrup that plays nice with ice.
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8 days ago by geglover

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