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Albanian bunkers
Repurposed ruins of a cold war paranoia
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yesterday by nelson
's PM on “It’s very Balkanic what is happening in Britain. Deal, no deal, soft border, hard border,…
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6 days ago by antaldaniel
- nice gloomy Balkan song about emigration and exile. Can’t see it winning, especially as it’s in Albanian…
Albania  from twitter
29 days ago by nwhyte
Here's a photo of President Meta visiting the primary flight control aboard the USS Abraham Lincol…
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5 weeks ago by andriak
Last release about the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier was about the May 1 visit of President Meta,…
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6 weeks ago by andriak
❤️ Day 3 (going home)
Me: Mum, that’s too much food, also please don’t add more salt to my potatoes.
Mum (e…
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9 weeks ago by joshua.craze
❤️ day 2: we ordered cappuccino.
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9 weeks ago by joshua.craze
Meant to Be – Popula
"Pristina ... has in the last century alone been part of Serbia, Bulgaria, Serbia again, Yugoslavia, Albania, Yugoslavia again, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, and currently Kosovo itself, of which it is the capital. This alone should tell you that nations are a scam and borders are violence. Pristina has the second-largest Albanian population in the world."
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march 2019 by geekgirl397
Albania crumbled into anarchy today as the authorities flung open weapons warehouses in the capital to arm civilians they apparently hoped would help defend the embattled Government.

Citizens barricaded themselves inside their homes in terror, gunfire rattled across the capital and people bid up the prices of the last food supplies in the face of uncertainty and chaos in this, Europe's poorest country.

The deeply unpopular President, Sali Berisha, an authoritarian ruler who has all...
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february 2019 by harcesz

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