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In need of data? These resources have level data and animal telemetry data. Check it out:…
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So yeah, I may be suffering weather-induced culture shock in downtown this afternoon. Swear I was p…
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One of Alaska’s warmest springs on record is causing a dangerous thaw - The Washington Post 041919
UTQIAGVIK, Alaska — Bryan Thomas doesn’t want any more “wishy-washy conversations about climate change.”
For four years, he has served as station chief of the Barrow Atmospheric Baseline Observatory, America’s northernmost scientific outpost in its fastest-warming state. Each morning, after digging through snow to his office’s front door, Thomas checks the preliminary number on the observatory’s carbon dioxide monitor. On a recent Thursday it was almost 420 parts per million — nearly twice as high as the global preindustrial average.
It’s just one number, he said. But there’s no question in his mind about what it means.
Alaska is in the midst of one of the warmest springs the state has ever experienced — a transformation that has disrupted livelihoods and cost lives. The average temperature for March recorded at the NOAA observatory in Utquiagvik (which was known as Barrow before 2016, when the city voted to go by its traditional Inupiaq name) was 18.6 degrees Fahrenheit above normal. Fairbanks notched its first consecutive March days when the temperature never dropped below freezing. Ice roads built on frozen waterways — a vital means of transportation in the state — have become weak and unreliable. At least five people have died this spring after falling through ice that melted sooner than expected.
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‘When the Glaciers Disappear, Those Species Will Go Extinct’ (The New York Times)
"America’s glaciers are losing ice as the world warms. That’s disrupting habitats for fish, insects and even bacteria."
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Rasmuson Foundation
Rasmuson Foundation honors the merit and significance of a life dedicated to serious artistic exploration and growth. The Foundation believes an artist’s energy, ideas, and creative drive cannot bear fruit without time devoted to experimentation, education, and personal reflection. We also acknowledge artists need opportunities to explore at various stages of their artistic careers.

With these guiding principles in mind, Rasmuson Foundation has created three award programs for individual artists living and working in Alaska:

Project Awards: Awards of $7,500 for emerging, mid-career, and mature artists in all disciplines for specific, short-term projects that have a clear benefit to the artist and the development of his/her work. Approximately 25 Project Awards are granted annually. Project Awards are available in all 11 artistic disciplines.
Fellowships: $18,000 awards for mid-career or mature artists to focus their energy and attention for a one-year period on developing their creative work. The Fellowship program awards grants in 11 artistic disciplines that rotate on a two-year cycle. Approximately 10 Fellowships are awarded each year.
Distinguished Artist Award: A single $40,000 annual award for a mature artist of recognized stature with a history of creative excellence and accomplishment in the arts.
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