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Some excerpts from recent Alan Kay emails
Alan Kay and the flaws in funding of fundamental research
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10 weeks ago by sudocurse
“Art at scale” – iA

Businesses are trying to solve problems—fundamental research, first of all, finds problems.

Marketeers are catering to what people want, educators are trying to deal with what they think people need (and this is often not at all what they want).

Really fundamental inventions are too large for single human organizations to deal with — what one wants is a reasonable balance between what is freely shared, and how things can be made from them.
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11 weeks ago by WimLeers
(Some excerpts from recent Alan Kay emails)
"Socrates didn't charge for "education" because when you are in business, the "customer starts to become right". Whereas in education, the customer is generally "not right". Marketeers are catering to what people *want*, educators are trying to deal with what they think people *need* (and this is often not at all what they *want*). Part of Montessori's genius was to realize early that children *want* to get fluent in their surrounding environs and culture, and this can be really powerful if one embeds what they *need* in the environs and culture."

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11 weeks ago by robertogreco
"Yet another perspective is to note that one of the human genetic "built-ins" is "hunting and gathering" -- this requires resources to "be around", and is essentially incremental in nature. It is not too much of an exaggeration to point out that most businesses are very like hunting-and-gathering processes, and think of their surrounds as resources put there by god or nature for them. Most don't think of the resources in our centuries as actually part of a human-made garden via inventions and cooperation, and that the garden has to be maintained and renewed."
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11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed
He influenced Jobs and dreamed up a digital future designed for learning and thinking. Fifty years on, Alan Kay is still waiting for his dream to come true.
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11 weeks ago by adragomir
I'm confused, but interested.
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december 2017 by npdoty

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