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Alan Kay's tribute to Ted Nelson at "Intertwingled" Fest - YouTube
Alan Kay does a demo of the work he and others did at XEROX PARC. He shows how different applications talk to each other and how the running programs can be modified on the fly.
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22 days ago by jefframnani
The Xerox Alto, Smalltalk, and rewriting a running GUI
"One well-known story of changing Smalltalk's behavior on the fly is from Steve Jobs' visit to Xerox PARC. Steve Jobs didn't like the way the window scrolled line-by-line, so Smalltalk implementer Dan Ingalls rewrote the scrolling code in a minute and implemented smooth scrolling while the system was running, much to Jobs' surprise."
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27 days ago by gohai
The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed | Fast Company
He influenced Jobs and dreamed up a digital future designed for learning and thinking. Fifty years on, Alan Kay is still waiting for his dream to come true.
5 weeks ago by chaochun

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