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Book World: Dubious arguments for curbing the free speech of Nazis - The Edwardsville Intelligencer
“An example of the zero-sum game from Europe may be instructive: In Turkey it is a crime to say the Armenian genocide occurred, while in France it is a crime to say it didn't occur.”
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february 2018 by cbearden
Alan Dershowitz: The criminal cynicism of Hamas that deliberately places Palestinian civilians in harm's way in Gaza | Comment is free |
The strategy is as simple as it is cynical: provoke Israel by playing Russian roulette with its children, firing rockets at kindergartens, playgrounds and hospitals; hide behind its own civilians when firing at Israeli civilians; refuse to build bunkers for its own civilians; have the TV cameras ready to transmit every image of dead Palestinians, especially children; exaggerate the number of civilians killed by including as "children" Hamas fighters who are under 18, and as "women", female terrorists.

Hamas itself has a name for this. They call it "the CNN strategy" (this is not to criticize CNN or any other objective news source for doing its job; it is to criticise Hamas for exploiting the freedom of press, which it forbids in Gaza). The CNN strategy is working because decent people all over the world are naturally sickened by images of dead and injured children. When they see such images repeatedly flashed across TV screens, they tend to react emotionally.

Rather than asking
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january 2009 by n_m
Dershowitz Does it Again!
Hale's office has an Israeli flag as a doormat and his wallpaper consists of swastikas.
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july 2008 by noah
Democrats and Waterboarding
The party will lose the presidential race if it defines itself as soft on terror.
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november 2007 by samiller

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