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22 hours ago by Cloudwalker
Mazda-Toyota skipped N.C., but state still has $1.6 billion up for grabs - Automotive News
In late 2017, North Carolina economic development officials jumped into the competition for a new Mazda-Toyota assembly plant in a big way.
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12 days ago by areadevelopment
MLK marches: Children in the Selma protest marches | Considerable
MLK marches: photos of children during the civil rights marches led by Martin Luther King, Jr., in Selma, Alabama, in the 1960s.
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5 weeks ago by minorjive
Pathfinder and the MPTA-ET – Huntsville, Alabama - Atlas Obscura
Discover Pathfinder and the MPTA-ET in Huntsville, Alabama: It may look like no more than a full-scale model, but every part of this full Space Shuttle stack had a working role in aviation history.
5 weeks ago by AstroBadger
Casket on the Steiner-Lobman Building – Montgomery, Alabama - Atlas Obscura
Discover Casket on the Steiner-Lobman Building in Montgomery, Alabama: The whimsical construction on the roof has given rise to many a Montgomery myth about its contents.
5 weeks ago by AstroBadger
Capitol Park – Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Atlas Obscura
Bits of the once-grand building stand as reminders of when Tuscaloosa was the capital.
5 weeks ago by AstroBadger

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