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@aknacer: Who knew a fridge could be so telling... Photographer takes photos of subjects & their refridgerators. http://t.co/GmtpHX19
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august 2012 by nielsstampe
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Strobist: WhiteLightning X1600 cam left into 86" parabolic reflector @F/3.5 ISO 100. Fired - Pocketwizard plus II, powered - Vagabond II.
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On their way home from dreamland, Monica and Baxter stop to watch the sunrise in the midst of a cleared forest.

This shot was a lot of fun, and it was done with far fewer people than normal, Just me, The model - Monica Damron, & John Ryan, Matt Bell. Working with fewer people meant we could be super efficient and get a lot done in a short amount of time. In all, we got about 5 decent shots from the day, and recorded a ton of video.

The video will be up on the blog as soon as I am done editing it :)

Check out our BLOG for a behind the scenes video from this shoot, as other photos from the same day!


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october 2009 by jermspeaks

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