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Akamai's got Comcast's back for small and mid-size businesses' cybersecurity | FierceTelecom
Arledge said that to date Akamai is currently the only vendor offering a cloud-based solution for SMBs. Akamai plans to further develop its SPS Secure Business solutions, but still keep it targeted at SMBs.
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DIY with Akamai: What to do when no one sells the servers you need? You build your own • The Register
"In the general market, there's hardware that's built for very high compute, and hardware that's built for storage. A workload that we have, a combination of CDN and security, doesn't need very high compute," Freedman explained. "And when other people need storage, they don't usually need high IO. Even when we can use spinning disk, the number of drives and configuration, and controller throughput – the boxes that are available, they don't work well."
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june 2019 by yorksranter
Akamai on dragging 'em kicking and streaming to the edge: They might be public cloud giants, but we're, er, vids in • The Register
"One common misconception is that the last mile is the bottleneck. If you do the math, you've got tens of thousands of terabits per second of capacity in the last mile, going to the end users – and that's just wired connections. If you look at the cellular connectivity – and again, no precise figures here – there's roughly 10,000Tbps of capacity, or more, in wireless, and that number is going to get a lot bigger with 5G."

"So however you look at it, there's roughly 50,000Tbps of capacity in the last mile, it's a big number. And that's why the edge is so important – there's a ton of capacity there." ®
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june 2019 by yorksranter
5 Ways To Demystify Zero Trust Security
"To Chase Cunningham’s point, more customer use cases need to be created, and thankfully that’s on his research agenda. Starting the conversation with each vendor visited by asking for their definition of Zero Trust either led to a debate of whether Zero Trust was needed in the industry or how their existing architecture could morph to fit the framework. Booth staffs at the following companies deserve to be commended for how much they know about their customers’ success with Zero Trust: Akamai, Centrify, Cisco, Microsoft, MobileIron, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, and Trend Micro."
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march 2019 by jonerp
Fighting Fire with Fire: API Automation Risks | Threatpost
A look at API attack trends such as the current (and failing) architectural designs for addressing security of these API transactions.
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march 2019 by mreinbold
Akamai - Pragma Headers overview – Knowledge Base
When you find yourself doing Advanced HTTP Level troubleshooting (sniffing specifically), and if you are using Akamai, please bear in...
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january 2019 by dirtpupfc

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