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axios/axios: Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
axios is heavily inspired by the $http service provided in Angular. Ultimately axios is an effort to provide a standalone $http-like service for use outside of Angular.
6 days ago by randompundit
Wordpress上でajax経由で関数をactionさせる時はadmin-ajax使うといいよ! - ITWeber
どうもふうや(@fwww0707)です! 昨日こんな記事を書きました! fwww.hateblo.jp 自分用に備忘録したためかなり乱雑な記事になっていますが、その記事の末尾にちょろっとお話したWordpressのadmin-ajaxについて今日は言及、コードの解説、使い方についてお話しようと思います。 ※間違った表記、理解がありましたらご指摘して頂けると幸いです ※はてなブログの仕様なのか配列の括弧が正常に表示されていない箇所がありますが文章に表記していますのでご理解ください Wordpressのadmin-ajaxとは何か?通常のajaxとは何が違うのか 通常のajaxについての説明は割愛…
wordpress  ajax 
23 days ago by oppara
An elegant promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
library  ajax  javascript  node 
25 days ago by linuslundahl
Karin - Elegant promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
Template literals are very useful. A more advanced form of template literals are tagged templates. Modern browsers and JavaScript engines support tag templates. It is also compatible with Node.js. 
JS  HTTP  client  AJAX  opensource 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
jQuery AJAX Listener Recipe for GTM | Bounteous
Listens for $.ajax requests to come back successful, and publishes data about each request into the data layer. Perfect for firing tags after a successful AJAX-style form submission or when AJAX-requested resources are available.
ajax  googletagmanager  recipe  container  gtm 
5 weeks ago by tulbox
Setting Up AJAX Conversion Tracking Without Page Reload
Configure goal with conversion event in Google Analytics and import that into Google Ads conversion.
ajax  conversion  analytics  googleads 
5 weeks ago by tulbox

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