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The airports of the world. List of all airports in the world
he world airport codes. Search the airport by ICAO code, IATA code, Country. The airports of the world.
4 days ago by Aoterra
The Mobile Dead Zone on Airplanes (CityLab, 12/3/2019)
Cell reception is bad after boarding because of the way airports are designed.
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11 days ago by davidkoren
TPA All Access | Tampa International Airport
At TPA, there’s so much more to do than fly. Flame-grilled oysters at Ulele. Beer brewed on site at Cigar City. Fine dining at the Cafe by Mise En Place. The only Potbelly’s in the state. Our post-security options are now open to all – so come join us every Saturday to dine, shop and #ExploreTPA.
tampa  airports  restaurants  tampaairport 
14 days ago by xr
As an Ohio City Struggles, Some See Salvation in a Prairie - The New York Times
Some see a field that could be repurposed for commercial use to bring a much needed economic boost to a struggling Rust Belt city. Others view it as an irreplaceable ecosystem that is part of Dayton’s identity.
ohio  regional-reports  sustainable-development  government-policy  rust-belt  airports  industrial-real-estate  Around-the-web  this-week-460 
11 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Trails of Wind
Air travel has been in existence for over one hundred years. Since its inception, thousands of airports runways have been built – each one of them designed site specifically, and according to landscape and natural conditions.
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september 2019 by markinetic

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