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Always In
> AirPods foster a different approach to detachment: Rather than mute the surrounding world altogether, they visually signal the wearer’s choice to perpetually relegate the immediate environment to the background.

​> AirPods, then, express a more complete embrace of our simultaneous existence in physical and digital space, taking for granted that we’re frequently splitting our mental energy between the two.

​> AirPods have externalities — penalizing non-wearers while confining the value they generate to their individual users.

​> Once everyone has earbuds that are always in, physical proximity will no longer confer a social expectation of shared experience.

​> subordinate our in-person sociality to the privatized infrastructure of networked communication

​> Now, the kind of space that suffices instead is a pleasant backdrop for solitary device usage, a relatively blank slate that doesn’t compete with the phone’s foreground — conditions that places like Sweetgreen and Equinox supply.

​> A dominant aural information platform could have a similar effect, fostering a world where we might as well leave our headphones on because there’s nothing around us worth hearing.
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10 days ago by jasdev
How to Connect Your AirPods or HomePod to an Apple TV
The first thing to do is to connect your AirPods. In the Settings app, go to Remotes and Devices → Bluetooth and check if your AirPods are already connected.
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17 days ago by josephaleo
I can confirm that can survive a trip through the washing machine and still work perfectly.

I wis…
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24 days ago by jerrythepunkrat
Wireless Charging Case for AirPods - Apple
This would probably be a good item for one’s wishlist, eh?
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26 days ago by handcoding
My Setup — MacSparky
For years now I've been receiving emails from readers and listeners asking me to keep a post on the website describing my current setup. It's always been a page I've wanted to add to the website but also something just out of reach in my OmniFocus lists. In the upcoming episode of Mac Power Users, Stephen and I stray into our individual setups, and I committed, on air, to have my setup posted on the website by the time of publication. It's still a bit of a work in progress but ... alas … it lives!
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4 weeks ago by rgl7194
Success rate of “hey Siri” being recognized on new is terrible, maybe 5/100 and I have to speak awkwardly…
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5 weeks ago by tobym

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