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Last Flight, The Missing Airmen, March 1951 - Walker Aviation Museum
Vincent, Roger S. Capt Pilot 509th BWng 830th BSqd
Wagner, Walter A. Jr. Pilot 509th BWng 830th BSqd
Williamson, H. C. Msgt 509th BWng 509th Av Sqd
Witkowski, Raymond L. Bmbdr 509th BWng 715th BSqd
Zabawa, Edwon D.
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A trail of toxicity: the US military bases making people sick | US news | The Guardian
Must-read for your family’s health: How perfluorinated compounds (#PFCs) and polyfluoroalkyl substances (#PFAS) have leached into water systems by military bases, airports & industrial sites
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RT : I worked the night shift at the that night representing the as part of the original SAN…
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Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson expected to resign
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, one of the first officials to join the Trump administration in the Pentagon, is expected to resign after being named Friday as the sole finalist to become the president of the University of Texas at El Paso, defense officials said.

Wilson sent a letter to President Trump regarding her resignation and plans to leave her post at the end of May, provided that the University of Texas approves her selection, according to one U.S. defense official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Wilson’s departure had not yet been announced. A second defense official said he was aware of the news, but did not have any additional information Friday morning.

The news comes after the University of Texas Board of Regents voted Friday morning to narrow its search to lead its campus in El Paso to Wilson. It announced the decision in a news release shortly after the news broke at the Pentagon. Wilson, who came to the Trump administration from academia, had expressed interest in the post, but the decision came sooner than she expected, a defense official said. Reuters first reported that the Pentagon expected her to resign.
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