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The feature Apple needs to change in AirDrop • Yahoo Finance
Rob Pegoraro:
<p>AirDrop’s default setting, which only lets people already in your contacts list send you files, isn’t the problem. But if you spend enough time with other people who use iPhones, you’ll probably find somebody not in your contacts list offering to share a file via AirDrop.

For example, Donald Glover used AirDrop to give away shoes at Coachella. And after my daughter’s Brownie troop had an event at our neighborhood’s Apple Store two weeks ago, the staff offered to AirDrop pictures of the kids to the parents on hand.

My wife was unable to take them up on this offer, since she uses an Android phone. But anybody with an iPhone would have only had to switch AirDrop to accepting files from “Contacts Only” to “Everyone,” either via the iOS Control Center or in the Settings app under the General heading…

The predictable result: creepy guys exploiting this to send photos of a particular body part to iPhones, especially those whose names suggest they’re used by women. It seems to happen most often on crowded trains, but in 2017, a friend had this happen on an airplane. Unfortunately, the flight attendants she summoned for help were unable to locate the offender and transfer him to the cargo hold.

Apple’s response every time has been to remind iPhone users that they can switch AirDrop back to “Contacts Only” or to “Receiving Off.” That’s not good enough. AirDrop’s architecture enables this abuse, and telling targets of it to change how they use this feature is a lame response.

The simplest fix would be to have AirDrop’s "Everyone" setting expire after a few minutes—the suggestion cybersecurity consultant Ken Munro offered to the BBC in 2015 after what appears to be the first reported case of “cyber flashing."</p>

I was ready to ignore this - 90% of people never shift from defaults - but for that "expire after time" suggestion, which is fair. Perhaps in iOS 13?
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7 weeks ago by charlesarthur
The easiest way to transfer data across devices.
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10 weeks ago by thot
ShareDrop is a peer-to-peer file sharing app powered by HTML5 WebRTC.
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10 weeks ago by thot
FileRoom | Browser-Dateiübertragung
Senden Sie Dateien an Personen, die sich auf demselben WLAN oder in demselben Netzwerk wie befinden.
Wenn Sie sie nicht sehen oder nicht im Netzwerk sind, teilen Sie diesen Raum
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march 2019 by thot
ShareDrop is a peer-to-peer file sharing app powered by HTML5 WebRTC.
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march 2019 by marek-saji
How to Use AirDrop to Securely Share or Transfer Files | The Mac Security Blog
There are many ways to transfer files from one Mac to another, and a few ways to transfer files to and from iOS devices. The easiest and most practical way to do this is to use AirDrop, a feature built into iOS, since version 7, and macOS, since Lion (Mac OS X 10.7). Macs and iOS devices built since 2012 support AirDrop.
In this article, I'm going to show you how to use AirDrop to quickly and securely transfer files across your devices. I'll also teach you how to configure AirDrop so you don't get potentially malicious files from people you don't know.
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january 2019 by rgl7194
Do You Have an EOS Genesis Account? Don't Forget Your TELOS !

I take you through the steps of checking you…
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january 2019 by randyhilarski
Open Snapdrop on other devices to send files
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january 2019 by dagh
New Year’s Resolutions to Check that Your Mac and iOS Devices Are Secure | The Mac Security Blog
Everyone knows that New Year's resolutions don't always stick. You may decide to join a gym or start a diet, and by February, you've slipped from your goal. But there are some New Year's resolutions that you can use to check the security and your Mac and iOS devices. Here's a selection of simple things you can do to make sure your devices are as secure as possible. (Listen to episode 64 of the Intego Mac Podcast where I discuss these and other tips with my co-host Josh Long.)
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january 2019 by rgl7194
New York lawmakers want to punish AirDropping uninvited dick pics — Quartz
It would be hard to police, but you can shield yourself by changing one setting on your phone.

Dickpics are stupid.
Allowing anyone to airdrop anything to you is stupid.
Making a law prohibiting this is stupid.
I'm not sure if there's an upside to any of this.
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december 2018 by po

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