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Airbnb’s home-hotel hybrid will open in Florida next year | TechCrunch
The company is collaborating with development firm Newgard Development Group to build a 324-unit building in Kissimmee, FL that will be branded as an Airbnb building. Tenants in the building will be able to rent their apartments or individual rooms (exclusively on Airbnb, of course) for up to 180 days of the year, and will be encouraged to do so. The first building will be called Niido, powered by Airbnb.

Airbnb guests who rent units in the building will have access to hotel-style amenities, which includes an app for hosts that can remotely trigger a MasterHost, presumably a Niido employee, to handle things like check-ins, cleanings and linens. Guests will also have access to an on-demand concierge, as well as luggage storage.

Tenants who choose to rent out their spaces on Airbnb will be automatically enrolled in the company’s Friendly Buildings Program, which launched in September of 2016. The program allows hosts to share revenue from each rental with the landlord or building owner.
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How Airbnb Stopped Playing Nice – Backchannel
Airbnb doesn’t have the reputation that Uber does, but when it comes to taking a stance against whatever laws may stand in their way, they’re capable of fighting just as hard, regardless of what the consequences on incumbent industries may be.
3 days ago by irace
Airbnb is opening an apartment complex that won’t piss off the neighbors
A new report today confirmed that Airbnb is investing in the real estate market — specifically, an upscale apartment complex in Kissimmee, Florida, set to open sometime next year.
Newgard Development Group will oversee the construction of the building, which will be called “Niido by Airbnb” (apparently a play on the Spanish word for “nest”). The building will have 300 units in total. It sounds fairly plush (if not a little hotel-like), featuring keyless entry, concierge services, and long-term storage.
The amenities are all designed to encourage use by Airbnb customers. Tenants will be able to rent their unit out for up to 180 nights a year via a special version of the Airbnb app. Jaja Jackson, global partnerships director at Airbnb, told Bloomberg:
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3 days ago by dancall
Netflix tops millennials’ ‘talked-about’ rankings |
In a list dominated by technology firms, Netflix is at the top with a score of 73.8, narrowly ahead of other technology giants Facebook (73.5), Apple (73.3), Apple iPhone (71.1) and Airbnb (70.5).

The top ten is completed by brands from a variety of industries. Retail giant Primark is in sixth place (70.4), ahead of music streaming service Spotify (70.3), and furniture brand IKEA (69.1). Pub chain JD Wetherspoon (67.3), and PlayStation (65.3) round off the top ten.

Netflix continues to be extremely popular with a younger generation of viewers who remain drawn to the service thanks to a range of original and exclusive content. The brand has harnessed the power of word of mouth recommendations, which has helped to foster growth around the world. One of the challenges for the service now is to expand as deeply into other age groups, suggests YouGov.
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Man: My wife and I were secretly filmed at our Airbnb rental
“I hope more victims will come forward,” says man who claims he was recorded naked.
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6 days ago by jimmykduong
Regeringen vil stoppe Airbnb-snyd: Udlejere må tjene 36.000 kroner skatt...
Regeringen vil hæve bundfradraget fra de nuværende 24.000 kroner til 36.000 kroner i indtægter fra korttidsudlejning af helårsboliger og sommerhuse.

- Vi giver folk en ret på 90 dage om året, hvis udlejningen foregår gennem et bureau, som indberetter skatteoplysninger. Hvis man ikke gør det på den måde, har man 30 dages ret om året, siger boligminister Ole Birk Olesen (LA) til Politiken.
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7 days ago by asilvao
Airbnb’s 10 Takeaways from Moving to Microservices
"Developers aren’t great at trying to keep track of all these tools, said Cebula. But developers do understand code.

So configuration of code became really important. Having your configuration as code makes it very easy reason about, she explained. “What configuration is currently in production, whether a configuration has been rolled back, making changes to configuration, it’s all right there for them.”
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