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january 2016 by mvlprovider
Technical Q&A
Some of the questions on this section of the website reflect my opinions, and they are just that - my opinions, and not necessarily to be taken as the gospel truth. Everyone has different ideas of what it takes to build a good sounding, high-quality amplifier. Some manufacturers will insist only on original parts, cloth wire, etc. while others use only the best quality components. Some insist only on aluminum chassis while others say steel is the only correct choice. Because tone is such a subjective thing, there can be no single "right" answer to some of these questions. Use your ears and formulate your own opinions.
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january 2015 by vegarev
Stochastic Superoptimization
We formulate the loop-free binary superoptimization task as a
stochastic search problem. The competing constraints of transformation
correctness and performance improvement are encoded as
terms in a cost function, and a Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampler
is used to rapidly explore the space of all possible programs to find
one that is an optimization of a given target program. Although our
method sacrifices completeness, the scope of programs we are able
to consider, and the resulting quality of t...
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october 2014 by adragomir
exceptindreams: 198: One Star Fell and Another
--How prodigal that sky is of its stars!
They fall and fall, and still the sky is sky.
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november 2009 by epaulettes

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