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An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong • Ars Technica
Annalee Newitz:
<p>At some point, we've all wondered about the incredibly strange names for paint colors. Research scientist and neural network goofball Janelle Shane took the wondering a step further. Shane decided to train a neural network to generate new paint colors, complete with appropriate names. The results are possibly the greatest work of artificial intelligence I've seen to date.

Writes Shane <a href="">on her Tumblr</a>, "For this experiment, I gave the neural network a list of about 7,700 Sherwin-Williams paint colors along with their RGB values. (RGB = red, green, and blue color values.) Could the neural network learn to invent new paint colors and give them attractive names?"

Shane told Ars that she chose a neural network algorithm called char-rnn, which predicts the next character in a sequence. So basically the algorithm was working on two tasks: coming up with sequences of letters to form color names, and coming up with sequences of numbers that map to an RGB value. As she checked in on the algorithm's progress, she found that it was able to create colors long before it could actually name them reliably.

The longer it processed the dataset, the closer the algorithm got to making legit color names, though they were still mostly surreal: "Soreer Gray" is a kind of greenish color, and "Sane Green" is a purplish blue. When Shane cranked up "creativity" on the algorithm's output, it gave her a violet color called "Dondarf" and a Kelly green called "Bylfgoam Glosd." After churning through several more iterations of this process, Shane was able to get the algorithm to recognize some basic colors like red and gray, "though not reliably," because she also gets a sky blue called "Gray Pubic" and a dark green called "Stoomy Brown."</p>

I wonder if we'll look back on stories like these in 5-10 years' time and think "aww, those baby steps" or if it will be more like "why is this stuff still no better than that?"

There's a whole ton more of <a href="">AI-generated titles for all sorts of things on her blog</a>.
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13 hours ago by charlesarthur
Postcards from the Frontiers of Science
Where science meets art and literature. More than occasional silliness. Currently located on the traditional territory of the Northern Arapahoe people.
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13 hours ago by griffey
Postcards from the Frontiers of Science • Fun with a neural net that transforms line...
Fun with a neural net that transforms line drawings to cats robotlaughs: “lewisandquark: “ So there’s a neural network framework called pix2pix that can be trained to learn how to transform one type...
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14 hours ago by griffey
How the Robot Apocalypse Will Go Down - Bloomberg
"Artificial intelligence is like a weapon. Worry about the people wielding it."
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14 hours ago by msszczep
Google’s AlphaGo AI beats the world’s best human Go player
Google’s AlphaGo AI Go player has defeated Ke Jie, Go world champion, in the opening match of a three game series that will include matches with Jie on Thursday and Saturday... Jie said that AlphaGo’s performance left him “shocked” and “deeply impressed” in post-match statements, noting that the moves the computer played “would never happen in a human-to-human match.”
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15 hours ago by seaugust
Saatchi LA Trained IBM Watson to Write Thousands of Ads for Toyota
After spending two to three months training the AI to piece together coherent sentences and phrases, Saatchi LA began rolling out a campaign last week on Facebook called “Thousands of Ways to Say Yes” that pitches the car through short video clips.
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16 hours ago by 72interactive
About • Lolatravel
<p>We’re a new kind of travel company that provides on-demand, personal travel service through a smartphone app. The Lola app instantly connects people to our team of travel agents who find and book flights, hotels, and cars for our customers. We also provide support while they’re on their trips.

The name Lola is shorthand for longitude and latitude, a system created to make seaborne navigation easier, and in that same spirit, we started Lola to give more people access to a premium level of travel care.</p>

Human travel agents? Weren't they supposed to be out of work now? Turns out: no. My daughter has been trying to book travel abroad, and our local travel agent has done far better at finding affordable travel and accommodation. Neat idea; an app for iOS only, for now. (Via Tim O'Reilly's talk in Cambridge on Tuesday.)
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16 hours ago by charlesarthur

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