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Toyota and NTT to collaborate on connected car tech, including AI
The team-up makes a lot of sense, since both carriers and automakers are looking to maximize the amount of data they can get from their customers as vehicles become increasingly connected.
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6 hours ago by seaugust
Machine Learning Research Should Be Clear, Dynamic and Vivid. Distill Is Here to Help.
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6 hours ago by bradbarrish
Nonprofit dedicated to building AI with a moral mind.
8 hours ago by LinkChef
RT : Wat kunnen en voor jouw organisatie betekenen? Ontdek de kansen en plan een inspiratiesessie:…
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10 hours ago by sneakerpeet
Elon Musk notes that we have great input devices (our senses), but poor communication with computers and AI (what he calls "meat sticks," our fingers). Neuralink works to bring a man-machine interface.
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10 hours ago by chrismyth

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