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natalie widmann (@Tilana145) | Twitter
using machine learning, NLP and data science to strengthen human rights defenders @HURIDOCS
ai  people  nlp  germany 
3 minutes ago by paulbradshaw
The Ethics of Reward Shaping – arg min blog
for a complete reinvention of how we design and deploy recommendation engines
ethics  ai 
14 minutes ago by mikeloukides
Free Voice Design & Prototyping Software for Alexa and More - Sayspring
Software to design the future.
Create voice interfaces for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
adobe  ux  design  prototyping  ai 
48 minutes ago by Shoord
Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet
Most of what is being called “AI” today, particularly in the public sphere, is what has been called “Machine Learning” (ML) for the past several decades.
2 hours ago by ronnussey
Rise of the robots: are you ready?
AI comes nowhere close to people in terms of perception, reasoning, communication and creativity.
ai  robots  automation 
2 hours ago by ronnussey
[no title]
When machine learning is astonishing - I collected some highlights from a paper on algorithmic creativity
rl  gaming  astonishing  ai  ml  reinforcement  learning  hacks 
3 hours ago by evilliam
Source code for the Reddit bot /u/DreamProcessor
reddit  bot  ai  deepdream 
4 hours ago by cvn
Love the talk from on confusion and how we can design better experiences and remove confusion fo…
AI  from twitter_favs
14 hours ago by joshclark

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