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Google gives its AI the reins over its data center cooling systems – TechCrunch
The inside of data centers is loud and hot — and keeping servers from overheating is a major factor in the cost of running them. It’s no surprise then that the big players in this space, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google all looking for diffe…
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Her rapist was convicted because of a rape kit. So why are so many kits untested? | KUOW News and Information
Ohio also invested heavily in new robotics to process dozens of samples at once and save scientists from repetitive manual tasks, such as sucking up and squeezing out drops of chemicals with pipettes.

“The robots do about three times the amount of work that an individual scientist could do,” Slaper said.
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DeepMind’s data deal with the NHS broke privacy law
"The Royal Free did not have a valid basis for satisfying the common law duty of confidence and therefore the processing of that data breached that duty," the ICO said in its letter to the Royal Free NHS Trust. "In this light, the processing was not lawful under the Act." [...]

"The Commission is not persuaded that it was necessary and proportionate to process 1.6 million partial patient records in order to test the clinical safety of the application. The processing of these records was, in the Commissioner's view, excessive," the ICO said.
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Is the construction sector finally embracing artificial intelligence?

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Artificial intelligence 'did not miss a single urgent case'
He told the BBC: "I think this will make most eye specialists gasp because we have shown this algorithm is as good as the world's leading experts in interpreting these scans." [...]

He said: "Every eye doctor has seen patients go blind due to delays in referral; AI should help us to flag those urgent cases and get them treated early."
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7 hours ago by terry
DeepMind AI matches health experts at spotting eye diseases
DeepMind's ultimate aim is to develop and implement a system that can assist the UK's National Health Service with its ever-growing workload. Accurate AI judgements would lead to faster diagnoses and, in theory, treatment that could save patients' vision.
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