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yesterday by ormg
World's Leading Physicist Says Quantum Computers Are "Tools of Destruction, Not Creation"
The computing potential of quantum computers will be larger than today's most powerful supercomputers. And with that power comes the potential for danger.
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yesterday by cito
6 practical guidelines for implementing conversational AI - O'Reilly Media
“Many people still have a misperception of bots just as speaking or typing,” says Chris Mullins of Microsoft. In fact, there are various ways (or modalities) that bots can use to interact with and convey information:

Speech (Alexa, Siri, Google Home)
Typing (bots in messaging apps)
Keyboard support that provides cues that narrow the range of input options
Cards that display the information visually
“In most successful scenarios,” says Mullins, “we see a mix of modalities win. At the right time, spoken language is perfect. At another time, typing may be perfect. Sometimes you want cards or keyboard support. Conversational modeling is a phenomenally hard problem, and no one has gotten it quite right yet.”
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yesterday by sentinelle
Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots | Technology | The Guardian
While the suggestion of killer robots conjures images from science fiction such as the Terminator’s T-800 or Robocop’s ED-209, lethal autonomous weapons are already in use. Samsung’s SGR-A1 sentry gun, which is reportedly technically capable of firing autonomously but is disputed whether it is deployed as such, is in use along the South Korean border of the 2.5m-wide Korean Demilitarized Zone.
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yesterday by dominomaster

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