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Dr Drang:
<p>Putting the App Store under Phil Schiller [rather than Eddy Cue], which on paper makes no sense for the SVP of marketing, was the solution, for which both Schiller and Tim Cook deserve credit.

I would argue that broadening Jony Ive’s design oversight to include software in addition to hardware was a mistake as big as putting Cue in charge of the App Store. The software side of Apple’s user interfaces—especially on iOS, which isn’t as hardened by long tradition as on the Mac—has become steadily more cryptic under Ive’s control. Some of this is due to Apple’s need to squeeze more functionality into the OS, but Ive hasn’t been up to the task of melding the new functions into the UI in a consistent and discoverable way.

To me, [Angela] Ahrendts’s five years in charge of Retail has been similar to Ive’s time as Chief Design Officer. The Apple Stores look better than ever, but they don’t work as well as they used to. No one I know looks forward to going to an Apple Store, even when it’s for the fun task of buying a new toy. No doubt a lot of this is due to Apple’s success and the mobs of people milling about, but Ahrendts didn’t solve the problem of efficiently handling the increased customer load.

I hope [Ahrendt's replacement, Deirdre] O’Brien’s background in operations will lead to improvements in the flow of people through the Stores.</p>

I hadn't thought about Ive and software; that happened before the release of iOS 7, which he really influenced, and whose minimalism has been dialled back towards, if not maximalism, then sufficientism, over the intervening six years.
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Apple paid its retail head $170M to transform its stores. Did she do it? • Euronews
<p>Apple's sleek, minimalist, glass-enshrined stores have long been holy places for Apple diehards, and expanded to 506 retail locations on five continents during Ahrendt's tenure.

As the former chief executive of Burberry, Ahrendts was expected to be the face of Apple, but instead quietly worked in the background, carefully choosing her media appearances and staying out of the spotlight most of the time at the company's semi-annual press events.

Ahrendts made her first on-stage appearance at Apple's annual iPhone event in September 2017, where she called retail Apple's "largest product" and shared how she envisioned the stores becoming "town squares" with plenty of green space, where people come together to hang out, learn new skills and, oh, buy the new $1,000 iPhone.

In an effort to get people to think of Apple products as part of a lifestyle, Ahrendts also spearheaded free "Today at Apple" courses, which launched in 2017. Apple continues to launch new sessions, including coding classes, software lessons and walking tours, where people can learn how to use the Apple Watch for fitness or how to shoot cinematic photos. Apple said it has held more than 18,000 free sessions since the launch and has reached millions of people.

During her tenure, Ahrendts also introduced more practical shopping functions that customers have come to expect from retailers, including the option to buy online and pick up in-store; and text message alerts, so people don't have to linger waiting for an appointment at the Genius Bar.</p>

Hm. The stores were already well-liked (despite former Dixons chief John Browett's brief, unlamented, efforts). It's really hard to get any feel for what impact Ahrendts had. If anything, the stores now feel too sparse to me when I look inside them: where is the excitement about new products? The big excited posters? The tables crammed with other extras to buy? They feel more like service centres than shopping destinations, and I don't think that's positive.

Her departure feels like she didn't think she could make further impact. I couldn't find any better analysis; nobody with contacts at this level will share the insights.
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february 2019 by charlesarthur
Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts Departs
Angela Ahrendts is one of Apple’s most valuable employees, reportedly out-earning all senior staff, including even Tim Cook at a point. Coming from Burberry where she had served as CEO, Ahrendts had revolutionised the business with her extensive experience in several capacities in the fashion industry. With her lengthy experience, Ahrendts had reimagined Apple retail...

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December 19, 2018 at 08:15AM最近有个新闻:苹果的股价在两个月内一下子蒸发了25%,甚至让大量持有苹果股票的股神巴菲特都要暂时被套牢了。 via Pocket
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What is Angela Ahrendts doing at Apple? - Fortune
“She motivates people. She inspires people. And she is the sort of person who wants to see things succeed as a team. It’s a rare quality.” [...] Ahrendts believes the key to the company’s future is not just marvelous products, but also engaging and energizing its nearly 100,000 employees, 60% of whom now work in retail division. “If you’re going to employ people anyway,” she says, “why not make them the differentiator? They’re not a commodity.” Now that there are 459 Apple stores in 15 countries, many people have their first Apple experience inside a store—a first impression that could forever tarnish the brand if it’s not good. “Burberry was about building a relationship,” she says. “But it was always about selling an amazing product that you would have forever. Apple is just a deeper relationship with a much broader constituency. Because it’s everybody.” // apple positioned itself just above everyone else it competes w [having a margin!], but not too far up to be douchy, off-setting
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Apple’s Ahrendts Emerges as Top-Paid U.S. Woman With $83 Million - Bloomberg Business
Angela Ahrendts is the US’ highest-paid woman Apple’s Angela Ahrendts, the executive in charge of the company’s retail stores who was hired after serving as the chief executive of Burberry, became the United States’ highest-paid woman last year. She earned $82.6 million — much of which came in the form of a signing bonus.
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Apple Paid Former Burberry Boss $73 Million to Become Its Retail Chief | Re/code
Since joining the company in May, Ahrendts has collected some $70 million in stock grants from Apple — $37 million to compensate her for the value of the Burberry stock that she walked away from in accepting the Apple job, plus a new-hire stock allocation valued at $33 million — 40 percent of which is performance based, with the rest vesting over three years. She also pocketed a $500,000 cash bonus and relocation expenses totaling $457,615.
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La nueva reina de Silicon Valley | Gente | EL PAÍS
"Esta madre de tres hijos adolescentes se levanta cada día a las cuatro y media de la madrugada y tiene como única debilidad el consumo compulsivo de Coca-Cola Light. "
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