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The ZAD Will Survive – Zad for ever
The end of the Declaration of Public Utility on the 9th of February turns the status of the ZAD’s lands on its head. Out of the 4077 acres earmarked for the airport, 1111 acres have been been cultivated for a long time by resisting farmers intending to recover their rights, whilst the movement wrenched 667 acres from the management of the Chamber of Agriculture to carry on collective agricultural experiments. 1309 acres of land are temporarily redistributed to farmers who signed an amicable agreement with Vinci [10]. As such, they had been financially compensated and obtained plots of land outside of the zone. Yet they continue to exploit and collect the Common Agricultural Policy on the lands they ceded to Vinci on the zone, thereby having their cake and eating it. The most greedy may, from now on, claim priority on future leases and take advantage of the hard fought over land preserved by the movement to enlarge their farms. Moreover, the former owners who were part of the struggle and who refused any agreement with Vinci will be able to recover their expropriated properties and choose to give it over to conventional use or to a more collective use by bringing them into a common property entity. The battle for the land will therefore be at the heart of this struggle for the months and years to come.
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4 days ago by juliusbeezer
Is Ethiopia in the midst of a green revolution? « An Africanist Perspective
This is from Bachewe and co-authors in World Development: Despite significant efforts, Africa has struggled to imitate the rapid agricultural growth that took place in Asia in the 1960s and 1970s. As a rare but important exception, Ethiopia’s agriculture sector recorded remarkable rapid growth during 2004–14. This paper explores this rapid change in the agriculture…
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4 days ago by zesteur
Biolumic UV grow lamp developments for faster crops
"Founded by Dr. Jason Wargent, a world-renowned photobiologist specializing in UV/plant interactions, and spun out of leading AgTech research from Massey University in New Zealand, BioLumic’s technology is rooted in more than a decade of research into UV photomorphogenesis, a process whereby a precise UV treatment induces plant root and leaf development and activates its secondary metabolism"
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5 days ago by magnusc - Aquaponic garden
Aquaponic garden system developed in Indonesia
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6 days ago by magnusc
Home - Wefarm
The world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network. Putting power into the hands of our farmers, online or off, wherever we farm.
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Home Page - AGERpoint™
At AGERpoint™, we believe in helping growers cultivate their best crops possible. This is why we work diligently with permanent crops growers to provide accurate insights for better management decisions such as:
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