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The EROI of global food production –
Glaub and Hall have an interesting analysis of the EROI of hunter-gatherers. Despite humans being generally smaller, slower, and weaker than most large mammals, humans were successful hunters long before the invention of sophisticated weaponry. This was achieved by the practice of endurance running, essentially running an animal to exhaustion before killing the weakened animal…
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This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World
Heraud researched the scourges of agriculture: hypoxic dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Baltic Sea, the colony collapse of bees, soil degradation, and human health problems from allergies to cancers. “Everything tied back to the blind, rampant, broadcast spraying of chemicals,” Heraud says. He and Redden figured they could teach machines to differentiate between crops and weeds, then eliminate the weeds mechanically or with targeted doses of nontoxic substances. The two first considered hot foam, laser beams, electric currents, and boiling water. They’d market the robot to organic farmers, who spend heavily on chemical-free weeding methods including mechanical tillage, which can be both fuel-intensive and damaging to soil.

After months of research, they faced a disappointing truth: There was no way around herbicides. “Turns out zapping weeds with electricity or hot liquid requires far more time and energy than chemicals—and it isn’t guaranteed to work,” Heraud says. Those methods might eliminate the visible part of a weed, but not the root. And pulling weeds with mechanical pincers is a far more time-intensive task for a robot than delivering microsquirts of poison. Their challenge became applying the chemicals with precision.
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Researchers chart rising inequality across millennia | EurekAlert! Science News
The researchers found that hunter-gatherer societies typically had low wealth disparities, with a median Gini of .17. Their mobility would make it hard to accumulate wealth, let alone pass it on to subsequent generations.
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document pdf définissant certains termes qui ont trait à l'agriculture
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Larzac. Transposable à Notre-Dame-des-Landes ? - France -
Ainsi naît la Société civile des terres du Larzac (SCTL), une société de gestion collective avec laquelle l'État signait un bail emphytéotique. Bail qui court jusqu'en 2083 et qui a transféré à la société civile la gestion des terres, exception faite du droit de vendre. Parmi ses prérogatives, celle d'attribuer les terres à de nouveaux exploitants, en location. C'est dans ce schéma économique que Marion Renoud-Lias et son compagnon, Romain Debord, ont pu s'installer, il y a deux ans, sur la ferme des Homs, sur la commune de Nant, et se lancer dans la culture de plantes aromatiques. Au milieu de ses rangées de romarin, de lavande, de thym ou de sarriettes, la jeune trentenaire confie que s'il avait fallu racheter l'exploitation, il aurait fallu débourser « 5 à 6 fois » la mise initiale. « Je pense qu'aucune banque ne nous aurait suivis », dit Marion qui paye 1.500 euros par an à la SCTL.
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charte de la fédération de nature et progrès
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Internal Trading System Generates Millions in Southern Syria - Enab Baladi, Jan 8, 2018
Assad’s forces, since July 2017, resorted to imposing royalties at their checkpoint located at the intersection connecting the towns of Da’el and western al-Ghariyah held by the opposition factions, as well as Khirbet Ghazaleh under the Syrian regime’s control. The returns gained at the checkpoint are about one billion and 120 million Syrian pounds (2.6 million dollars) in one month only, as an informed source told Enab Baladi.
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5 days ago by elizrael
This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World - Bloomberg
By early 2017, about a fifth of all the lettuce grown in the U.S. has been thinned by a LettuceBot
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Planetary boundaries and the global food system: what about the farmers? | MAGIC-NEXUS Project
Planetary boundaries are usually framed in terms of natural constraints on the ecosystem, but constraints linked to society’s organization, especially our workforce, shouldn’t be ignored.
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