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Seeing Like a State
The metaphorical value of this brief account of scientific production forestry is that it illustrates the dangers of dismembering an exceptionally complex and poorly understood set of relations and processes in order to isolate a single element of instrumental value. The instrument, the knife, that carved out the new, rudimentary forest was the razor-sharp interest in the production of a single commodity. Everything that interfered with the efficient production of the key commodity was implacably eliminated. Everything that seemed unrelated to efficient production was ignored. Having come to see the forest as a commodity, scientific forestry set about refashioning it as a commodity machine. Utilitarian simplification in the forest was an effective way of maximizing wood production in the short and intermediate term. Ultimately, however, its emphasis on yield and paper profits, its relatively short time horizon, and, above all, the vast array of consequences it had resolutely bracketed came back to haunt it.
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The Combined Power of Satellite Imagery, Aerial Surveillance and IoT
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RT : Could our food be growing up? Read more:
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The Lucrative Art of Chicken Sexing - Pacific Standard
I still cannot believe that this is true. The How It’s Made episode on chickens — literally my only other source of knowledge on this topic — contradicts the thrust of this article, showing workers sexing chickens easily with a wing-feather heuristic. WHERE IS THE TRUTH
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