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5 Commercial Terms to Address in Workday Negotiations
"In an ideal world, you could obtain a current and complete price list, but Workday keeps this close to the vest and will not readily provide an itemized price list. However, they have provided customers with some level of visibility into list prices, so it is worth pressing Workday to at least provide the list price for each product listed in their proposal.

Ambiguous price lists are common among vendors, but unlike many other ERP providers, Workday’s list prices can vary per product"
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19 days ago by jonerp
The High Cost of Anxiety in Negotiations
"Given how many agreements Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and other top-tier suppliers negotiate every year, it is no wonder they get anxious when it comes time to hammer out the final details of contract documents and statements of work. From delivering excessive data points on irrelevant topics, to building massive complexity into pricing and licensing policies, to making every offer a “special offer,” these companies know how to lean on potential clients and existing customers."
contract  negotiations  crm  enterprise  agreements  erp  licensing  negotiation  leverage 
september 2018 by jonerp
Dancing with Salesforce: Make Sure to Stay in Step
"Customers should keep Salesforce’s recent actions in mind as they prepare for their renewals. By anticipating these tactics, customers can shift the focus of these preemptive renewal conversations to what matters to them, the customer, and away from what matters most to Salesforce. Customers should set the agenda for these renewal discussions to ensure the conversation is productive and focused appropriately"
contract  negotiations  cloud  agreements  renewal  licensing  negotiation  saas  salesforce  sfdc 
august 2018 by jonerp
SaaS Matters: Key Caveats for SaaS Contracting
"In these cases, enterprises should challenge their various SaaS vendors to include the ability to scale up and down as needed during the term of the Cloud subscription agreements. That means, as usage decreases, SaaS vendors should provide the customer the ability to reduce the commitment to align with actual need at that point in the term, with a corresponding reduction of the fees or a credit towards future usage."
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april 2018 by jonerp
Ashley Bischoff on Twitter: "Contracts with legalese aren’t accessible to recipients with or without cognitive disabilities. If your company prides itself on being inclusive, #plainlanguage contracts should be a part of that complete breakfast. GE pulle
(Here's your tweet about legalese and plain language.)
"Contracts with legalese aren’t accessible to recipients with or without cognitive disabilities.

"If your company prides itself on being inclusive, #plainlanguage contracts should be a part of that complete breakfast. GE pulled it off—and so can you."
legalese  plainlanguage  work  contracts  agreements  twitter  2018  hbr 
january 2018 by handcoding
No Grumpy Humans and Other Site Reliability Engineering Lessons from Google
'It’s about building credibility for the long term. That’s the fundamental element that makes the SRE role work, she told New Relic’s Matthew Fleming, in a talk about what others may learn from her SRE experience at Google. “You really won’t get anywhere with a product development software engineering team if you walk in there and say, ‘You’re doing A, B, and C wrong, like you must fix this,’” she said."
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october 2017 by jonerp

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