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Orestes Brownson's Republican Remedies
Orestes Brownson (1803-1876) spent 50 years thinking through the tensions between the American experiment and modernity. His voluminous writings display a critical mind, a man of principle willing to question his own principles. Richard Reinsch’s new collection, Seeking the Truth: An Orestes Brownson Anthology, lets readers follow Brownson's evolution from Unitarian utopianism to Catholic constitutionalism.

Brownson believed certain elements of the modern regime were inimical to human flourishing. Protestantism's embrace of individualism, modern democracy’s assertion of indefinite human power over the moral and physical world, and consensual government's continual remaking of the civil order all combined to uproot the citizen, leaving him at the mercy of his own fallen nature.
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The Difference Between Linear and Exponential Thinking | Big Think
Simple description of the magnitude+speed of change we face today, juxtaposed vs. most of human history
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