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YPARD | Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
"YPARD enables and empowers young agricultural leaders who shape sustainable food systems. It is an international movement by Young Professionals FOR Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.
This global on-line and off-line communication and discussion platform is meant to enable and empower young agricultural leaders around the world to shape sustainable food systems."

Started in 2005, hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), Bioversity International and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In 2006 in Bern, Switzerland funding support by SDC and official formation in India soon after.

Besides of fostering discussion via their social network function are they also have a regularly updated directory related to fundraising. For example they have posted the 'International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture' from the FAO and the Swiss governmentfor which our UR Bridge app is eligible for the 'Award for Digitalization and innovation for Sustainable Food Systems (USD 40 000)'.

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Joanna Macy
From Wiki:
"Joanna Rogers Macy is an environmental activist, author, scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology."

She is the root teacher of the Work That Reconnects (, a ground-breaking theoretical framework and workshop methodology for personal and social change.

Based in California.

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CSAware by LocalHarvest | CSA Software - CSA Management
"LocalHarvest has been helping family farmers build strong businesses since we launched our national directory in 2000. We have become a trusted marketing partner for our membership of over 25,000 farms and farmers markets. And it works: over 6 million people a year come to LocalHarvest to find out where to get local food in their communities.

Our mission is to connect people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it. We provide online tools that help small farmers thrive. In 2009, seeing that our CSAs were growing, but perhaps not as fast as they might, we began building a set of administrative and e-commerce tools for CSAs and food hubs: CSAware was born.

Then we integrated CSAware with the LocalHarvest directory to give CSAware users top billing — potential members searching for local food on LocalHarvest can click directly to your online store to sign up. Those 6 million people who use LocalHarvest? A few of them will find their way to your business.
With CSAware, we make the administrative end of running a CSA smooth and straightforward. That leaves you more time to focus on growing great food, building your soil, and expanding your business."

Based in Santa Cruz, California.

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Solar Impulse Foundation - Bridging the gap between ecology and economy
"One of the first to envision ecology through the lens of profitability, Bertrand Piccard has always advocated that protection of the environment would become a reality only if it was perceived as economically viable and requiring no financial or behavioural sacrifices. He actively speaks out against the absurdity of old and polluting devices and systems, and promotes the benefits of new existing efficient technologies and solutions to motivate governments and industries to take action. A way to prove that solving climate change – rather than an expensive problem – is a fantastic market opportunity."

One of the main programs of the Solar Impulse Foundation is their Label:

"For the first time a label proves the economic profitability of solutions that protect the environment
selecting 1,000 solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way and awarding them the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label.

This label serves as a new and credible symbol that can be applied to products, processes and services and serves as a guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions, and affords a competitive edge to the innovators behind them.

Assessed by independent experts for their technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and economic profitability, a portfolio of these solutions will be brought to decision-makers to encourage them to adopt much more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies."

Agrachina  Energy  Energy-saving  Sustainability  Label  award  foundation  Switzerland  Innovation  Environment  environmentalism  Technology  SocialEntrepreneur  Business_Advisory_relevant  Business_Model  ecological  Economy  climatechange 
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"Wefarm is a free peer-to-peer service that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet and without having to leave their farm. Farmers can ask questions on farming and receive crowd-sourced answers from other farmers around the world in minutes.

Example How-To:
1. Rose's crop is suffering from a disease, so she sends a simple, free SMS to the local Wefarm number.
2. Her question is instantly posted online and sent to selected members of the Wefarm community via SMS.
3. Rose receives useful, relevant knowledge within minutes... without leaving her farm or having any access to internet."

Social enterprise with a few successful founding rounds.

Agrachina  Africa  nigeria  SocialEntrepreneur  Social  Sustainability  Knowledge  knowledgemanagement  community  Crowdfunding  Agriculture  Agricultural_Development  Rural_Development  Farmer_Community  farming  Social_Networking 
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Recycling Technologies
"Developed a machine, the RT7000, to recycle plastics in a more commercially attractive way. RT7000 turns plastic waste into a product they call Plaxx®, for use in processes for making new plastic and wax products."

Can recycle of up to 90% of residual plastics with these five modules (each fitting into a ship container):

Module 1: Thermal Cracker
A fluidised bed containing of hot thermo-granules continuously circulating from/to the Regenerator
Heat transferred into the plastic cracks long-chain molecules into shorter-chain hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon vapour is treated to remove solids and refined to remove unwanted chemicals
Controlling the temperature and flow allows different volumes of individual Plaxx fractions to be produced.

Module 2: Regenerator
Light hydrocarbon gas (e.g. methane, ethane) from the distillation modules arrives into the Regenerator
Used as a fuel to heat the thermo-granules to 850-900°C for circulation back to the Thermal Cracker.

Module 3: Plaxx Distillation
Hydrocarbon vapour from the Thermal Cracker is condensed into Plaxx and discharged to storage.

Module 4: Light Gas Distillation
Light hydrocarbon gas is distilled and fed into the Regenerator.

Module 5: Flue Gas Treatment
Any remaining gas in the Regenerator is passed into the Flue Gas Treatment module for clean-up already available on site.

Plaxx is a ultra low sulphur oil, cut into four fractions (Petrochemical Feedstock, Low Sulphur Fuel Oils, Petroleum Waxes) which have applications in multiple industrial sectors and can be sold individually.

Note from industry insider:
There are quite a few companies doing it (esp. the USA over many years) but scaling has been an issue. The whole case effectively is an undertaking of doing less bad - its end of pipe is not really getting to the root of the problem. Ergo: It's better than doing nothing.

Agrachina  material  Recycling  Sustainability  waste  circulareconomy  UK 
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Smart Cloud Farming – Organic goes simple
"Increasing crop yield in organic farming with an A.I. decision support system. SmartCloudFarming increases the conversion and the efficiency of organic farming by offering sustainable agricultural practices that are beneficial for the farmer, the climate, and the environment and finally enhances the farming crop yield. This aim is achieved through enhancement of soil fertility (in terms of microflora soil activity and nutrient availability), the decrease of disease, weed and pest pressure, and the increase of resilience towards climate change."

From Berlin / Germany.

Agrachina  Organic  Organic_Agriculture  IoT  Smart  farming  AI  Soil 
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Ecosystem Restoration Camps
"Ecosystem Restoration Camps is a non-profit organisation founded by a movement of people who wanted an action-based solution to address accelerating climate change. The camps are a practical, hands on way to restore land degraded by humans. Our mission is to work with local communities and build camps that transform degraded landscapes into lush, abundant, life-giving ecosystems.
We envision a global network of Ecosystem Restoration Camps supporting the emergence of fully-functional, peaceful, abundant, biologically diverse Earth brought about through cooperative efforts for the ecological restoration of degraded lands."

Founded by Beijing-based filmmaker, soil scientist and environmental activist John D. Liu.

Agrachina  NGO_NPO  USA  community  Education  climatechange  Tutorial  Rural_Development  network  Soil  ecological  Ecosystem 
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Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI)
"The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI) is an international industry organization representing the interests of producers and manufacturers of camel hair, cashmere and superfine wool fiber, yarn, fabric and garments throughout the world.

In 2006 CCMI formed the Superfine Wool Council to add superfine wools to its mission of promoting the accurate labeling of noble fiber products and to engage in education of the public about, and private enforcement of, national and international standards governing the labeling of such fine wool, cashmere and camel hair fiber, yarn, fabrics and garments. CCMI is proud of its objective to maintain the integrity of cashmere, camel hair and superfine wool products throughout the world.

CCMI provides a forum for industry leaders world-wide to meet and discuss important issues and to identify workable solutions for the common good of the industry. CCMI represents the interests of members at both national and international levels and works with appropriate government bodies and other non-government organizations whose activities affect the industry.
CCMI supports testing laboratories worldwide on the improvement of their animal fiber testing ability by conducting an annual Round Trial and by providing laboratories with animal fiber sample collections and other materials.

CCMI also supports research institutes in the development of new animal fiber identification technologies applying leading-edge science, such as Protein Analysis and DNA Analysis."

Based in the USA.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  Cashmere  Manufacturing  Industry  NGO_NPO  USA  Legal  Quality_Control  Organization  wool  Fibres  yarn 
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Global Hand
"Global Hand is a matching service: a non-profit brokerage facilitating public/ private partnership.

Although today’s world sees many parties wishing to respond to global issues, the problem they often face is connectivity. Who should they partner with and how?

Global Hand is designed to bring together people from all parts of the spectrum. You can use this site to find partners wherever you fit. Your area of interest may be:

Social Entrepreneurship
Disaster response
Poverty alleviation
Job Creation
Guidelines/Best Practice
Doing business with the poor
Sustainable Development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Humanitarian Aid
Fair Trade
Corporate Volunteering

Global Hand helps match for-profits, non-profits, foundations, trusts, governments, diplomats and more."

Global Hand is run as an initiative of Crossroads Foundation Limited, which is a non governmental organisation registered under the laws of Hong Kong and is supported by Crossroads Global Village (UK), an independent company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales.

Agrachina  NGO_NPO  community  Platform  SocialEntrepreneur  Directory_Database  foundation  Fundraising  Micro-Financing  Sustainability  development  CSR_Corporate-Social-Responsibility  Fair_Trade  Volunteer  HongKong  UK 
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GVB (Global Village of Beijing Environmental Education Center)
"Global Village of Beijing Environmental Education Center (GVB - 北京地球村环境教育中心) is a non-profit non-governmental organization working on issues regarding sustainable development in the People’s Republic of China mainly through environmental education in the form of production and distribution of multimedia publications and the organization of journalist trainings. The organization advocates for green lifestyles, provides training for eco-villages, and promotes environmental issues in the media. GVB also carries out a reconstruction project in villages destroyed by the 2008 earthquake by rebuilding energy efficient homes and promoting traditional Chinese social values and medicine."

Founded 1996 by Liao Xiaoyi (廖晓义 - Sheri Liao) a Chinese environmental activist, journalist and producer of documentaries whose works are credited with advancing the Chinese environmental movement.

Agrachina  Sustainability  NGO_NPO  China  environmentalism  sustainable  Rural_Development  health  Expert  SocialEntrepreneur 
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Impact Institute – Towards the Impact Economy
"Our mission at the Impact Institute is to empower organizations and individuals to realize the impact economy by creating a common language for impact and providing the tools to use it. We develop open-source standards for impact measurement and valuation and provide organizations with the tools, training, and services to implement them.

The Impact Institute is a social enterprise and a spin-off of True Price. True Price, founded in 2012, developed methods and tools to measure and monetize impact. In 2018, True Price decided to continue as a non-profit focused on maintaining a standard and community to realize true pricing, a system where consumers can see and voluntarily pay the true price of their products. All services, as well as the development of new methods and technologies, have been spun off to the Impact Institute."

Founded by German-Mexican Adrian de Groot; insightful interview:

Agrachina  Sustainability  Consultancy  Standardization  semanticweb  opensource  open-data  Netherlands  Fair_Trade  Consumerism  Consumer_Behavior  Consumer_Rights  NGO_NPO  SocialEntrepreneur  sustainablecompany  Economy  circulareconomy  tools  BI 
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Geoff Lawton - Permaculture, PDC, Online Courses
"Geoff Lawton is a world renowned permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983 with Bill Mollison, widely considered the “father of permaculture.” Geoff does teaching, consulting, designing, administering and implementing. Some projects:

- consultancy in the environmentally green, Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates
- development work from the Greening the Desert projects in Jordan
- rehydration strategies in the deserts of Hadramaut, Yemen
- housing projects for the Kurds in Iraq after the war, rebuilding an entire village with 53 straw bale houses

[...] courses focused on the practical design of sustainable soil, water, plant, animal, energy, structures, legal and economic systems.

Geoff has established permaculture demonstration sites that function as education centres in all the world’s major climates — information on the success of these systems is networked through Geoff established the Permaculture Research Institute and the website to network mainframe information worldwide."

Agrachina  Permaculture  Consultancy  Education  Rural_Development  Agricultural_Organic_Guide  sustainablecompany  Sustainability  sustainable  environmentalism  farm  farmers_livelihod  book  community  Soil  water  Plant_Protection  Energy  Legal  Research 
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Earth Rights Institute
"Earth Rights Institute (ERI) is designed to be an equilateral knowledge platform, where local people collaborate with academics and development professionals, both local and foreign, by exchanging skills, experiences, and knowledge to solve crucial development issues such as widespread poverty, land right disputes and environmental degradation.

ERI takes an innovative approach to join education, advocacy and research in building ecologically, economically and culturally sustainable communities in some of the world's poorest communities. ERI advocates a model of development that supports the re-localization of development expertise. We believe that in order to empower communities to manage and direct their own development, strategies and expert knowledge must be conceived locally.

We are affiliated with the IU as a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) for these UN Departments

- ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)
- UN Habitat
- UNCSD (United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development)
- UN Finance and Development

[...] offer online courses: 'Become a Leader in Sustainable Development' and 'Course on Land Rights, Land Value Taxation and Commons Rent'"

Agrachina  Africa  USA  NGO_NPO  Platform  Knowledge  knowledgemanagement  Research  Consultancy  Environment  Social  community  Rural_Development  sustainable  Sustainability 
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Agruppa (formerly: SokoText)
"Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology to empower small food vendors in low income neighborhoods by providing them with fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices."

Received support by Hult Prize (world's largest student competition for social good) and Clinton Initiative. Pitch video:

Agrachina  Startupinthecloud  Mobile  food  foodsystems  Logistics  Africa  southamerica  Fruit_Vegetable_Trade  wholesale  Technology  SocialEntrepreneur 
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The Nature Conservancy - TNC
"Since 1951, The Nature Conservancy has worked to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.
From our historic work in land acquisition to cutting-edge research that influences global policy, The Nature Conservancy is constantly adapting to take on our planet’s biggest, most important challenges. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives."

Charitable environmental organization, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, United States. Active in 72 countries. Chinese branch 大自然保护协会 (dà zìrán bǎohù xiéhuì), office in Beijing (DNC compound at No. 9 Jianwai Dajie) with local website (

Closely affiliated with Alibaba / Jack Ma, they jointly run the China Global Conservation Fund (CGCF) which focuses on addressing global environmental challenges beyond China’s borders. Between 2011 - 2018 funded 21 projects, around US$ 17 million. Primarily financed by The Nature Conservancy’s China Board of Trustees which are: Karen Lo (HK fashion business), Pony Ma Huateng (Tencent), Niu Gensheng (Mengniu Dairy), Ou Yaping (ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance & Shanghai Rockbund Museum), Wu Ying (China Capital Group), Zeng Fanzhi (artist), Zhu Baoguo (pharmaceutical company Joincare Group), Zhao Zhijun (real estate mogul).

Agrachina  NGO_NPO  USA  Africa  China  development  Environment  Fundraising  Investor_Relations  water  Water_Pollution  Water_Resources  Biodiversity  Social  environmentalism  Policy  Beijing  Sustainability 
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"Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential. For some, it’s a matter of survival, for others it’s the fuel for a life-long ambition.

100% of every dollar you lend on Kiva goes to funding loans. Kiva covers costs primarily through optional donations, as well as through support from grants and sponsors."

Offices in also in Bangkok, Nairobi and Portland.

Agrachina  NGO_NPO  USA  Finance  Investor_Relations  Fundraising  Business  Venture_Capital 
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Collective Responsibility
"Collective Responsibility is a strategic advisory firm founded by Richard Brubaker, one of Asia’s most recognized authorities on sustainability, innovation and responsible leadership.

Founded with the fundamental belief that that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst and facilitator between stakeholders.

We at Collective view sustainability as a holistic process of action and a change in vision among corporations, from the new entrant workers to the founders and visionaries of the company. Change for a more efficient and productive planet starts with the private sector, and we’re here to help our clients move towards that future through consulting, research, training, and engaging their stakeholders.

Our mission is to:

- Create a knowledge base and catalyze discussion of issues related to the development of civil society, business sustainability and social development in Asia.
- Develop tangible interests, engagement and action on issues of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal).
- Build bridges between local and foreign resources to ensure knowledge transfer, program scalability and growth.
- Develop organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises."

Based in Shanghai, China.

Agrachina  Strategy  Shanghai  China  Consultancy  Innovation  Sustainability  changemanagement  Research  Training  Stakeholder_Management  civilsociety  environmentalism  SocialEntrepreneur 
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INBAR - International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
"Intergovernmental organisation of 44 Member States, which promotes the use of bamboo and rattan for environmentally sustainable development and green growth."

Agrachina  bamboo  Forestry  Environment  sustainable  development  green_promotion  NGO_NPO 
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gr3n recycling
"gr3n invented a new process which allows for the first time to recycle PET bottles/food containers chemically in a profitable way.

gr3n developed an innovative process, based on a new application of microwave technology to a well known chemical reaction which provides for the first time with an economically efficient chemical recycling process of PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) and allows an industrial implementation of this recycling method. This new process can potentially change how PET is recycled worldwide with a huge financial benefit for the recycling industry."

Founded in Ticino / Switzerland.

Agrachina  Recycling  Switzerland  material  packaging  Industry  Innovation 
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