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How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’ - The New York Times
The researchers theorize that the results of the two studies are interrelated. Muscles are one of the sources of the hormone that protects the thymus.

“So more muscle means more of that hormone,” says Janet Lord, the director of the Institute of Inflammation and Aging at the University of Birmingham, who was a co-author of both studies.

The older cyclists’ immune systems were not impervious to aging, of course. Many of their existing T cells showed signs of senescence, which means that they had grown feeble and were unlikely to fight infections well anymore.

The results also are limited to recreational British cyclists. They cannot tell us if other types and amounts of physical activity would necessarily have the same effects or whether someone could begin exercising at, say, age 60 and expect to benefit to the same extent as someone who has exercised lifelong.

But even with those caveats, Dr. Lord says, “the message of these studies is that much of what we previously thought of as inevitable in aging is in fact preventable.”
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