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Interview Henrik Kniberg: “Etre agile, c'est savoir dompter la complexité.”
De quoi Henrik Kniberg est-il le plus fier ? « D’améliorer la vie des gens ! » nous confie-t-il. Une mission à laquelle il se consacre depuis plus de 10 ans en tant que coach agile et lean – en particulier pour Spotify et Lego – et plus récemment en tant que citoyen, concentrant ses efforts sur la cause environnementale. Henrik Kniberg surprend autant qu’il passionne.
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23 hours ago by sentinelle
An operating model for company-wide agile development | McKinsey & Company
Before and after for various elements throughout the enterprise
- Organization structure
- Interaction between biz and IT
- R&R's
- Budgeting and planning
yesterday by tom.reeder
Collaborate on a user story by working on it concurrently.
Have the designers on your team ever struggled with what they should do early in a sprint before the programmers have finished coding a user story?

And have the programmers ever wondered what they should do near the end of the sprint while the designers are verifying the implemented code? Are they tempted, perhaps, to start on the next user story even though it can’t be finished in the sprint?
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yesterday by pjohnkeane
마이크로 서비스 구축 경험 공유 | Popit
아키텍처, 시스템 구성, 모델링, 개발 프로세스를 고민하고 만들었다기 보다는 현재의 조직 구성원으로 서비스를 만들 수 있는 가장 최선의 방법을 선택한 것입니다. via Pocket
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2 days ago by cychong47
Delivering Agile Business Value using Feature Driven Development (FDD)
Feature Driven Development (FDD) is an Agile approach for software development project and requirements management.
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