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Becoming a 10x Developer
10 Ways to be a Better Teammate

- Create an environment of psychological safety
- Encourage everyone to participate equally
- Assign credit accurately and generously
- Amplify unheard voices in meetings
- Give constructive, actionable feedback and avoid personal criticism
- Hold yourself and others accountable
- Cultivate excellence in an area that is valuable to the team
- Educate yourself about diversity, inclusivity, and equality in the workplace
- Maintain a growth mindset
- Advocate for companies policies that increase workplace equality
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13 hours ago by davidgasperoni
The Agile Vision Board: Vision and Product Strategy
"The Product Vision Board captures my assumptions about the users and the customers of the new tool, the needs the product should address, the key product features, and the value the product should create for my own business"
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15 hours ago by pipthepixie

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